Tuesday 20 September 2022

Tuesday Variety

Catch A Bus, Your (Overseas) Highness

fbb remembers his Granny's funeral at the Counties Crematorium Northampton on what was then the southern edge of the town. 
There were dark mutterings among the mourners because she had ben at the front of the funeral "procession" and it should have been her!

fbb's mother opined that funerals always generate controversy.

The idea of going by bus from a Park and Ride near Heathrow was not a popular decision, with many VIPs concerned about their loss if dignity.
Nevertheless, the "buses", actually very posh coaches are seen below ...
... waiting to get on the alighting only stand to unload their passengers. In the shot above the coach queue is being overtaken by the motorcade of a guest who, apparytnly, missed the bus.
That is a certain Mr and Mrs Biden who were chauffeur-driven and missed the view from high up in a luxury coach. They must have been disappointed.

Here the "route W1" from Windsor delivers members of the Royal Household ...
... no low floor exit here - but helping hand from the Inspector (Blakey?) supervising the unloading from the pavement.
As expected, the Funeral Service was both moving, sombre yet richly positive, remembering again HMQ's resolute Christian faith.

fbb hopes his readers will not be offended by just a snippet of levity. When he takes a funeral, and with the mourners' permission, fbb likes to lighten the atmosphere a little to help the congregation relax.

For his sister's funeral, he asked the small collection of mourners to turn and wave at the cctv camera which was broadcasting the service to her elder son who lives in Poland.

It did the trick!

The "best bit" of yesterday's funeral? 

It has to be the sermon from ABC. ABCs' sermons at official functions are often bland, "inclusive" and spiritually ambivalent.

Yesterday's definitely wasn't! An extract from the fine words of ABC Welby:
The Gospel (Good News) of Jesus the Christ, the Saviour of all who choose to "get on the bus" (as per yesterday's blog!) was well covered .


But You Need A Mystery
Certainly the bod in the above screen shot held his hands very still and in a very unnatural pose!

A Twitter Mystery

There are already a number of bus "Stars"; Blue Star ...
... formerly Solent Blue Line. There is First's "Star" along the coast a tad in Portsmouth.
Then there was Silver Star ...
... of Porton, near Salisbury.

But what this Star Bus "tease" will become is a bit of a mystery. What we do know, however, is that the tease was twitted by Alex Hornby ...

... boss of Transdev Blazefield (a former Fearnley company).

Mini-Blog Warning

Things are a bit hectic again for your old crock of a logger.
Arriving soon (and far too late for comfort) -
      Updates (lots) for GoTimtable Sheffield for 2nd Oct
Friday 23rd Sept - Preliminary tests etc. for Cataract removal
Saturday 24th Sept - New model railway baseboard**
Preparation for October Fellowship Meeting 
       Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd Oct
       thus two busy days!
October 9th : Sheffield tram new timetables. They will arrive c/o fbb today.


** Plans for the new baseboard prepared by No 1 son and MUCH better than fbb's scrawl!
Still very excited!

It's Not April 1st, Is It?
It is really helpful that the twit compiler of this twitter has indicated which part of the cow is its "body" and clearly labelled two of its four body parts called "leg". Does the animal have a "head" or a "tail"? We should be told!

One equally notables part is not labelled, even not attached, so it might not be a cow after all, It might be the udder sex.


 Next freight technlogoy blog : Weds 21st Sept 


  1. Alex Hornby was with Blue Star in Southampton and it’s predecessor Solent Blue Line.
    Blue Star and Solent Blue Line jointly worked with Wilts &Dorset (now Morebus) the long gone Southampton to Bournemouth Trunk Service X17/X27 via Ringwood. I remember them coming down Peters Hill in Winton, Bournemouth.
    Today to bus between Southampton and Bournemouth one has to travel via Salisbury or Lymington and change buses.

  2. Monday saw the start of the Morebus low season timetable, gone are the New Forest Tours for another year. The summer timetable had started on a Saturday.
    The main change is the diversion of the X6 on its Ringwood to Poole leg via Bearwood incorporating route 11. Yesterday saw an improved Sunday service on this leg now operating seven days a week between Ringwood and Poole.

  3. 10% licence cut on Stagecoach Devon by the Traffic .Commissioner following a 2019 serious incident, but who pays the passenger:

  4. https://www.salisburyjournal.co.uk/features/journalfeatures/19461738.remembering-silver-star-motor-services/