Sunday 4 September 2022

Sumday Variety

Quiz Answers Part 2 

Nottingham. Three panels of leaflets at the former Midland Station/

Old Bill. The iconic "London Bus" from 1911.

Paris - Tram T13

Queen Street Glasgow as originally built.

Riverside - new station on the extended Overground line at Barking.

Snowdrift (At Bleath Gill). British Transport Commission film

(le) Tram - new brand from Irizar due to enter service in London soon.

Victoria station (London) where shops are being moved to fit in extra barriers.


Yellow Bus (deceased).

(City) Zap

Anyone claim all 26 right?

Trouble At Troon
Troon is a delightful resort on the Ayrshire Coast, north of Ayr and Prestwick. ...
... with famous (and expensive!) Golf Course attached. It has a nice station on the electrified line from Glasgow Central to Ayr.
More correctly, it had a nice station! It burned down last year.
There was real concern that the station was unstaffed at the time.
Scotrail have recently started a public consultation with three options for the rebuild/

A bit of a problem with option 2 ...
The proposals may be for a change in the size of the building, but the pictures of Option 1 and Option 2 (station front) are identical, complete with cyclist!
But if the station is often unstaffed, you do wonder what the point of the bigger, more modern option might be?

Seaham Staithes - A P.S.
fbb was not being pernickerty when he used the word rickety.

A Busy Bee?
fbb was shocked to the giblets to read this fearful piece of literary news.
But James is surely the RED engine.
Surely Bachmann wouldn't; surely Bachmann haven't; surely it is some sort of scurrilous joke.
fbb does not think such an outlandish and unacceptable story line was ever penned by the Rev Wilbert Awdry. It was a new, possibly video, creation and far too far fetched for the real Island of Sodor.

The Fat Controller would surely never have allowed iy!
Whatever next?

Thomas in Network SouthEast livery - with moving eyes, of course!

Puzzle Picture
Obviously a computer graphic of something. But what?

Answer tomorrow.

Because of the pressures of our two Fellowship meetings (today and tomorrow) it may be necessary to publish mini-blogs tomorrow and Tuesday. Normal service will be resumed on Wednesday.

Meanwhile - More Sheep!

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  1. The images for option 1 and option 2 for the replacement Troon Station are not the same. Option 2 has no chimneys and a different door and window arrangement.