Wednesday 14 September 2022

Delightful Devon (1)

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Delightful Timetable Books
It is worth remembering that Devon is one of the few counties that still produces comprehensive booklets for the whole county. Disappointingly the unitary areas (Exeter, Torbay and Plymouth) do not count as "Devon" so their printed timetables remain something of a dark secret.
All the books were re-issued back in May and, in theory, remain current for a year. But, as publication was approaching, Stagecoach announced significant pruning of its network.  The East Devon area (GREEN) was the most seriously affected, so, sensibly, Devon delayed the printing until all was resolved.

The changes in Mid Devon (MAROON) affected trunk route 1 with the decoupling of the rural villages wiggles between Cullompton and Tiverton. Here is an old timetable extract.
The 1 timetable reduces to every 20 minutes between Exeter and Cullompton with what was the 1A running on to Tiverton.
The wiggles route, previously numbered 1 ...
... becomes a new 373 from Cullompton to Tiverton, not running from/to Exeter.
The timetable remains hourly, but now a change in Cullompton is needed to get to the fleshpots of Exeter.

The May timetable book gave adequate warning in the "what's changed" notes and on the timetable pages themselves.

The section of route between Tiverton and Willand is financially supported by Devon County Council

These services are likely to alter in July 2022

The current "e book", accessible on line, confirms the changes clearly.

1, 1A, 1C

The Monday to Saturday journeys are now all numbered 1. The journeys which previously served Sampford Peverelll, Tiverton Parkway and Uffculme have been withdrawn - see the 373 timetables for a replacement service. Sunday and Public Holidays timetable and route remains the same.


New service between Tiverton and Cullompton jointly operated by Stagecoach and Dartline

Also notably the maps have been updated ...

... a have Devon's superb town maps where appropriate.
So we have an outline of the changes, excellent up to date maps, BUT ...

... still the old timetables!

fbb wonders why these have not been updated for the on-line versions.

And whatever happened to "Culm Valley Connect" branding?

You could even buy a bus model so branded!

And, long, long ago it was always a 373!

But, to repeat, Devon delayed fbb's local East Devon book to ensure that everything would be hunky and dory for fbb and the other residents of East Devon.

We will take a brief look tomorrow.

Model Railway Move - Revised!

Readers have doubtless shed a tear in response to the extensive rot in parts of fbb's outdoor model railway baseboards. Parts of the former picnic table ...
... particularly the edges that were hidden under the cliff face and therefore were unwilling to dry out after precipitation.
So a decision has been  taken, egged on by Mrs (I don't want that rot in my house) fbb AND No 1 son who is coming to help with the work, to build completely new baseboards for the move to the top indoor floor of fbb mansions.

Detailed plans have been prepared ...

... showing in meticulous detail all dimensions (in the old money) and careful requirements for the construction methods.

fbb has taken the opportunity to extend the main Peterville Station board by two feet which should give room for a proper loco run route and/or for longer trains.

From being ambivalent at the move, fbb is now very excited.

Hmmm? Maybe not that excited?

Coming Soon
Indeed, it is a wagon and it does have cylindrical tanks posed upon its structure. More information once it is delivered.

There is a bit of a tale to the order. For reasons which fbb will adumbrate later, the order was placed with "The Model Shop" ...
Only as the "paperwork" progressed did fbb realise that this business is/was known as Super Model Aircraft Supplies of 220 Wellingborough Road Northampton. fbb has not been their best customer as his last purchase was ...
... a pair of Triang CKD coaches in maroon. They were rapidly repainted in malachite green to match the "Southern" flavour of his layout at the time. Said layout sat in the "spare" room at the fbb family home 

It was about 60 years ago.

Sadly an EBay refund came the next day - so presumably their stock was exhausted. You would have expected better service for a long-term customer!

Collets Models of Exmouth ...
... were next on the list and Mr Collet has already popped the wagon in the post.

Yet more excitement for fbb!

More tomorrow.

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  1. Exeter isn't a unitary authority.

  2. Nevertheless Devon County Council does not publish a timetable book for Exeter City.