Sunday 2 January 2022

Sunday Variety

Talking Of Ticket Machines?

Autoslot was a machine produced by Bell Punch. It too a small selection of coins, often of one denomination only and was reportedly slow and unreliable! But correspondent Peter has a claim to fame. He has the largest collection of Autoslot machines in the Sunderland area.

Namely 3!
The large label on the centre machine located its use as in Manchester.
This one only accepted the "tanner|" (old sixpence) used in multiple for higher fares. It was a complex bit of kit and issued the usual Bell Punch Ultimate style of ticket.
But heartfelt congrats to Peter for one of the strangest hobbies recorded in this blog.

It is almost as weird as maintaining a collection of OO gauge tank wagons!

Parlous Poster Positioning In ...
Barrow in Furness! Maybe the header lettering ...
... is ready for adding the word "Great"!!

Even better is one of the timetable displays that shows an actual timetable.
Just look at the date ...
Yet another example of Building Back Better.

Caterpillar Crisis Creates Consternation
Or is it one of these?
Nope -it's a cake, innit?
But not just any cake - an M & S cake.
The above one reduced!
The shape of the cake, if not the name, has been copied by everyone who makes cakes - such that one Twitterer suggested a different caterpillar every month. The display has been "repurposed" to fit the size and shape of the blog.
The craze and the trade battles have led to more twittering as here ...
... and a cartoon from Matt.
But, as always (well nearly always!) there is a public transport link, albeit tenuous. The lads at Powells of Rotherham have posted a picture of a couple of their buses.
Presumably it is a photoshop type job. If not, the Vehicle Inspectorate AND the Police might have a thing or two to say about visibility!

fbb does wonder how many young children are traumatised by the caterpillar cake face! It scares fbb a bit. And look at Creepy Colin in the monthly schedule above.

The best comment on-line was ...

"Horrors! Colin has been liquidated!"

Snippet 1
Two Ways Of Looking At It

Snippet 2
We Love Cyclists Says Walthamstow

Snippet 3
A Post Christmas Treat?
At over £55 (including postage) ...
... OR standard Monopoly at £20?
Or make your own by sticking bus garage labels over Vine Street etc?

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