Thursday 7 July 2011

A Lesson for Little David (continued)

The Lesson continues after morning break.

It was fun finding out about buses in Woodhouse, wasn't it? "A Lesson for Little David" (read again).

Now, you've had your milk and some play time. Are you ready to learn some more? Remember we were looking at your map. We found that it wasn't very good, didn't we?
Anyway, as a special treat, I've drawn a much nicer map, with a few road names on it, and with loads of pretty colours, all to help you understand:-  
It shows that the nice Mr Souter's number 52 (he's "Sir" now, of course, with a nice beard) goes via Woodhouse Mill and that other Post Office, past Woodhouse Station, along Badger Road (travelling westwards) and up the hill to Woodhouse Village. Here's one at Woodhouse Mill on it way back to the city. On my map this number 52 is shown with a little square next to it.
On your map, you show a 52  going that way as well, with a nice one-way arrow. But those 52s go both ways along that bit of road, so you shouldn't have put the arrow there, should you? Naughty naughty!

And here is one of Mr Fearnley's 52s just leaving its terminus at Woodhouse Station.
It will also go westwards along Badger Road but it will then trundle down Beaver Hill Road ... .
... and off into the city. It does NOT go to Woodhouse Mill Post Office OR Woodhouse Village OR Woodhouse Post Office. On my map, this number 52 is shown with a lovely round blob next to it.

A couple of tiny things to sort out. Your map doesn't explain what happens at Ballifield and neither does mine. Sorry about that. We both need to do something about that little puzzle. And your map has the 52s running down Richmond Park Road ...
... to Athelstan Primary School school and back.  
That's the sticky-out bit, off the main road, on your lovely map without any road names. I don't think that's right, is it?

Perhaps it's not a good idea for you to go to Woodhouse Village. Not just yet; until you've sorted things out a bit, that is; and taken your pills. It's bad enough having two 52s going different ways, but in the village there's a 25 and a 25A. Here's Mr Fearnley's 25A waiting on Cross Street.
Two bus services, two companies, two different route numbers, but this time they both go THE SAME WAY! It's not fair, is it?
It must be very, very confusing for you. I hope I have been able to help you out. Keep on trying to get it right.

With very best wishes,
fat bus bloke, transport enthusiast and supply teacher.

The Travel South Yorkshire blogweek continues : Friday 8th July

Editorial Note : the use of the name "David" in this blog is purely an artistic convenience. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Director General of South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive is called David Brown.   

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