Sunday 23 October 2022

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Silly Names For Privatised Trains!

The first of the daftness was the privatised name for the privatise London Tilbury and Southend section of British Railways' Easter Region. Observers of the industry speculated, at the time, as to its meaning. Then the company owned up - it didn't mean anything!
So now we all know! Then there was the ill-fated Connex ...
... which made a real pigs ear of its two rail franchises and is now "rejuvenated" internationally as part of Transdev.

Modern times give us Lumo ...
... and Avanti ...
... the latter delivering neither Pride in its much reduced tinetyable nor, one suspects, prosperity for its shareholders!

But daft names are not specific to the UK.
Which brings us to American footy player Kevin Speed, whose name, probably unintentionally, is adopted in France!

La Grande Vitesse, pour tous, et tous les jours!’ (‘High speed, for all, and every day!’). Kevin Speed’s slogan makes the firm’s objective very clear: make high-speed trains financially viable and accessible to all. To do that, Laurent Fourtune, formerly of Getlink (previously the Eurotunnel), wants to introduce new services between Paris and all regional destinations less than two hours from the capital. It will be a blend of the RER and TGV, a sort of ‘Grande Vitesse’ RER that would be ideal for regular commutes.

It is all very aspirational and requires SNCF to play ball; which past expeience suggests is unlikely. "Kevin" has signed a "memorandum of understanding" with " a train manufacturer" (as yet unnamed) and is coy about how it is all to be financed. But the plan is to run medium distance commuter trains at TGV speeds but with multiple stops.

Hmmm? Have a read of this web site extract!
And the name? So far "Kevin's" promoters, none of whome are clled Kevin, have not explained their company name.Kevin was a popular name in France, so popular that it was the number one name for baby boys from 1989 to 1994! Can you imagine! Kevin is unfortunately linked with an image. Let me explain to you, every single country has them, in the USA they call them “Redneck”, in Mexico “Nacos”, in Australia “Bogan” and so on. In France, we call them “Beauf”. Kevin’s meaning in France is considered as “Beauf” name (or even plouc). The nickname of a person named Kevin is most of the time “Kéké”.. sounds even more beauf.

Have the image consultants got it right?

Poster For Potton P.S.
Thanks to Roger french (that man gets everywhere - perhaps there are several of him?), we can see one further aspect of Grant Palmer's excellent publicity for its take-over of routes 72 and 73 from\Stagecoach.
Posters, espied by Rog, at many of the bus stops - presumably those with a frame capable of displaying a poster. Yet another chocolate peanut for the staff at Grant Palmer of Flitwick!

Next To The Drips at Mount Stuart
As the fbbs made their way to the caff at the seat of the Marquis of Bute they were required to avoid a significant drip from the ceiling on a "downstairs" corridor. But arrayed on the walls thereof was a selection (originals er repro, fbb could not tell) of wonderful railway posters.
There was an excellent selection ...
... not all of them for Scotland.

But nice!

100th Year Of Newsgathering
The BBC has just (only just!) discovered that there are problems in the bus industry. The article (available on-line) is too long for a blog but worth reading. It doesn't tell us anything we didn't know already ...
... but it is a typical Beeb half-story. Yet again, Lord Reith will be turning in his well-hollowed grave!

Miniature Matching Metal Models
fbb has been keeping an eye on the brand new Model Railway scale and range called TT120. If you haven't heard of it, you haven't been treading this blog. It's bigger than N, smaller than OO and just a smidgen smaller that the Triang TT of old.

Now Oxford Diecast, looking more and more like a Hornby company ...
... is offering an initial range of diecast vehicles.

All the current offers are rail-related ...
... but the publicity also includes this snippet.
Their N scale taxi is, of course smaller, but the detail on this tiny little model is exquisite.

Kintore Statistics
Kintore is on the A96 to the north west of Aberdeen. It is one of a number of locations at which Scotrail has opened (or plans to open) new stations - more correctly re-opens closed stations. Scotraill has recently published statistics of passenger numbers.
Is that number good or bad?
Usually new stations have rpiydly exceeded their aspirational passenger count and its a good while until 2025. But it does look as if he Covid restrictions have had a detrimental effect on they initial ticket sales.
It is very much a "parkway" style of station for Kintore (not huge) and the surrounding area. EVen when Streetview bumbled past, there were a few cars in the capacious car park.
How many nuyses call at the huge bus styyop layby?
According to Google Maps - usually up to date with its little blue bus icons ...
... nothing! Just a lengthy walk from the main road.


The "green" green bus item follows tomorrow.

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