Monday 31 October 2022

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Pleasing Perth Prices

You get a very weedy ticket! The machines seem do-able with clear instructions and you can pay a bus driver (possibly with Covid restrictiions.
But the important question is, "Emma Chizzit" (UK readers will be able to translate from Strine, fbb hopes!)

The web site explains at some length as follows:-

How Transperth fares work
Our fare system uses a combination of zones and time limits. Usually, one fare lets you travel anywhere within a certain distance of your starting point until the time limit expires, on any combination of bus, train or ferry services.

The Zone map ....
... is provided on-line with the caveat that it is only a "rough guide" and you may need to check zone boundaries. (Where and How?). There are at least NINE zones to cover the extent of Transperth services.

But it is clear that the fares are on the same standard scale whichever transport mode you are using; bus, train or ferry. So, three cheers for Transperth, no rip-off fares to the airport!

And here are the fares ...
Currently an Australian Dollar is worth about 55 pence. That makes a two zone ticket £2.75 or a day ticket £5.50. But what about a 5 zone ticket, or a 9 zone ticket?

The MAXIMUM single fare the 2-zone fare at five Ozzy Dollars or just £2.75. And it is even cheaper with various discount cards!.

So what is a "two section" fare as opposed to a 2-zone fare?

Two-section fare
This is our name for a trip of 3.2 kilometres or less. It gives you a one-way ride on a single bus, train or ferry service.

So a short hop fare using the "two sections" label which might refer back to a previous fare scale. The shirt hop is actually quite long!

Then what about a Family Rider, priced at the same as a one-person day ticket?

FamilyRider for up to SEVEN people
A cash ticket that gives a group of up to seven people unlimited travel on the day of purchase, provided no more than two of them normally pay full fare. You may buy one at the following times.

Weekends and public holidays
any time.

Monday to Thursday outside school holidays
after 6.00 pm.

Fridays outside school holidays
after 3.00 pm.

You woud guess that schools close early on Fridays.

Monday to Friday during school holidays
in Zones 1 to 4 – after 9.00 am.

Monday to Friday during school holidays 
in Zones 5 to 9 – after 8.30 am.

Complicated, but a bargain if you fit their times.

Which just leaves us with the time restrictions to calculate.

Time limits
Transperth fares are valid for a limited time and this time varies depending on how far you are travelling:

Travelling one to four zones
your fare is valid for two hours

Travelling five to nine zones
your fare is valid for three hours

The two-section fare is valid for a single one-way journey and cannot be used to transfer between services.

Cash tickets will have an expiry time printed on it. You can ride on any number of bus, train or ferry services to complete your journey provided you get on board before the expiry time.

In case you haven't twigged; although the maximum fare is £2.75, you need ti specify how far you are going to invoke the Zone/time restrictions.

Observant readers will have noticed that the 2 Zone ticket illustrated at the top of this blog is for an out-of-date fare.

Needless to say, if you use the Transperth equivalent of "Oyster" or "Tap and Pay" on a debit card, your total will bett automatically capped at the ten dollar day fare.

There are assorted concession fares and the electronic equivalent of season tickets, but UK readers can just marvel at a ride from Central Perth to the airport for just £2’.75 cash or £2.50/£2.20 with various discount cards!

It almost makes you want to go to Perth and ride around for a few weeks.  Forget about sweltering on Bondi; ride on bus, train and ferry for the day then back to the hotel for a barbie and to split a few tubes.


Too bad that it's a long way and a costly way to go.

Depending in time constraints with the Saturday and Sunday duplicate fellowship meetings coming up at the weekend, fbb may take a look at buses and longer distance rural train services.

And there is still Perth Underground station!

Don't Use The Bus - Buy A Car
At first Roger French thought that Arriva were offering to buy your car and sell you a cut price bus season.
Southern Vectis tried something similar a few years back. It was ineffective!

But, alas, no. will, indeed, buy you car and then sell you another one.
Yet another good idea to reduce the number of passengers!

How It Should Be Done
The travel centre is run by West Yorkshire PTE (Metro) and within its portal you will find racks of bus timetables.
The leaflets are from Transdev Keighley Buses.

These two sets of piccies are via twitters from Roger French. The Bearded Bus Beautifier from the Bush was quick to twit a reply ....
A batch of Brontë bus leaflets were loaded upside down!

Observant? Or just a bit picky?

As well as selling cars, how is your printed publicity doing, Arriva? And how many of your enquiry offices are still open?

Sorry, fbb forgot. You don't want passengers, do you?

fbb's Hangover!
Some time ago, fbb reported that, as part of his burgeoning tank wagon collection, he had purchased a new Hornby container wagon c/w three demountable tanks.
Yes, of course; yhen, as now, fbb posted the picture vertically because it was too long to be appreciated when correctly orientated..

But these models have a huge problems on today's model railway layouts.
See how much hangover (more usually referred to as overhang) there is on a two-point crossover. And consider the various tensions when this wagon is coupled to another similar. The swing at the couplings is equally horrific.

And yes, fbb's wagon does tend to fall off, especially if coupled to other wagons!

Thankfully it is part of the old man's display section and would not normally run to Peterville Quarry!

Puzzle Picture
Where was this signal box ...
... and where is it now? Answer tomorrow.

The answer's not hard if you know The Shard!

 Next Northampton blog etc : Tuesday 1st Nov 

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  1. Disappointed at the lack of reference to the nine FREE Transperth bus services (one in Fremantle, three in Joondalup and five in central Perth) and to FREE travel on buses and trains in central Perth.