Monday 10 October 2022

Monday Variety

It's Happy Holiday Time

Maube their bedroom view will be as above - or maybe the other way ...
... whatever, the rooms look gret.
The company concerned does not have lavish offices ...
... they use the old school on School Road Gartochard. Gartocharn lies on the A811 about half way between Balloch and Drymen.
The blue bit is Locch Lomond.

The company is Lochs and Glens Holidays. The fbbs were/are expecting a posh six-wheeler to pick them up at 0700 outside Axminster church.

They have been booked in seats 1 and 2 just inside the door with a stonkingly good view out of the front windscreen.


The holiday is based at one of six hotels owned by Lochs and Glens. This is the Ardgarten near Arrochar.

There are complaints on the often picky review sites that the internet is "patchy" in the bedrooms. SO? The Hotel blurb ONLY offers wifi in the reception area ...
BUT ...

OFFICIAL WARNING - Blogs may be interrupted, be retimrd OR fail completely.

A place holder blog has been prepared for tomorrow in case the weary travellers are more intent on bed rather than blog! BUT, assuming the little webby wurgels work wonderfully, part of tomorrow's blog will review the lengthy journey!

Yes, the coach does have a toilet! Phew!

And What About Raheem Sterling?

Sometimes you DO wondeer about things that appear on line. This story concerns his new footy boots. Now for people of fbb's generation,m footy books were made of cast lead and were fitted with huge studs that could rip off an opponent's arm or leg.
But these are Mr Sterling's new ultra sophisticated modern boots.
Quite dainty by comparison. According to the anonymous author of this non-news item, the boots have the same design as the moquette on a London bus!
And there's more.
Really? Readers with a collection of London Buses seat pattern cloth may like to try s match? OK the shoes are blue with coloured splodges, but ...

Hey ho - it IS on line so it must be right!

The fbb's Cunning Plan ...
... was to park the limmo at Axminster Station an toddle the short distance up the hill to the church.  The exorbitant daily rate (£6.50) would still work out less that two taxi journeys.

So off the aged twosome set in said limmo to purchase their car park ticket in advance as they had done on at least two previous occasions.

"We can;t do that any more," said the wee lassie who, with bright and breezy manner, yos the reguykar dispenser of tickets at Axminster. "you can only buy them on the day." The young lady did say that she would be on duty at 0600 today, so all would be well. "Or," she opined, "you could use the machine out front."
On exiting the booking hall, your tachnophobic blogger took a look at said machine. This was not easy as, helpfully, it faces the sunlight, leaving the screen nearly illegible!

But he espied that a week's car parking was a modest (?) £26.40 and thus cheaper than five days!

"Aha", thought the chubby one, "nip up to Axminster on Saturday and buy a week's parking, thus removing any early morning stress today, Monday.

THE MACHINE WAS NOT WORKING! South Western Railway were working hard to make it functional, but, in the meantime fbb could use a nearby machine or purchase from the guard on the train.

There are no nearby machines and there was no guard on the train because there were no trains due to strike inaction! Of course the machine wasn't faulty - it had been switched off to stop people buying tickets for trains that did not exist!

So a minor diversion yesterday on the way home from church finally achieved the purchase.
One less hassle for the departure schedule.

Who's A Clever Boy, Then?
fbb managed to cope with the complex origami skills needed to fix official labels to cases!

And |It Worked!
Well, sort of!

 Possible place-holder blog : Tuesday 12th Oct 


  1. Note to Sterling. Don't put yer boots on the seat !

  2. A 7-Day East Devon Parking Permit is only £25 this year and is valid in Long Stay car parks - (Short Stay is max 3 hours once per day). Axminster Co-op small section is valid.