Sunday 3 September 2017

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fbb has prepared a digest of interesting news snippets for the delectation of his readers. We begin on the Isle of Wight.

Floating Bridge "Sinks"!
Regular blog readers will remember that the new 3.5 million chain ferry that links East and West Cowes has been in trouble since it first appeared. On one celebrated occasion, foot passengers had to paddle to shore and on numerous occasions bits have been scraped off cars by the poor design of the vessel and the rebuilt ramps on which it docks.

Here it is operating happily yesterday at 1746.
The unreliability of the service has become a running joke on the Island. It cannot make land at certain states of the tide, so it doesn't run.

The council has announced last week that the vessel is being taken out of service until further notice.
Whilst the County Council instructs its layers to investigate what contractual infringements from the vessel's designers might present a case for legal action, the Town Council at East Cowes is seeking similar advice for a case against the County Council. At least the lawyers will be enjoying the situation!

It is "normal policy" to substitute a passenger launch when the bridge is out of action. Here the County Council has created a double whammy by only commissioning the replacement at peak times.
"Not only have we messed it up big time," says the truth, "but we are now going to make it even worse!"

Maybe the next news item could provide the answer?

Dubai's Drone Demonstration
Yes you did read it correctly and it is not April 1st. Dubai plans to offer unmanned Drone Taxis later this year. fbb will simply echo the words of his ancestors, "you'll not get me up in one of those!" But it would get you across the River Medina in place of the floating bridge or replacement launch..

Dismal Direction Decision
The Times is not renowned for its coverage of  public transport for the masses, but fbb was amused by this item from columnist Daniel Finkelstein.
fbb is not entirely sure ...
... whether this is genuine or not. It is not a bus to North or South Hampton (actually Nort or Sout Hampton; or even North or South Ampton), it would be a National Express coach. Maybe Daniel doesn't know he difference?

Here, for his benefit, is a coach ...
... which might go to Northampton. In the snippet below, there is a bus which used to run in Northampton. It is red, has an engine at the front and a platform at the rear so might, journalistically, be recognised as a "London Bus".

Half-Hearted Heritage Happenings
A few days ago Northampton correspondent Alan reported a strange occurrence under the usual heading "It's All On Line". Coming up is the Northampton Heritage Weekend which features tours by heritage buses including the gorgeous and beautifully preserved "Utility".
The situation has since been sorted out, but black marks to the Council for getting it all wrong. Nowadays the only thing that matters is having it all on the confuser; real paper information is a no-no, surely!

Start Up Stops; Spawning Strike Silliness
How to get a new train company up and running seamlessly.
1. Start the business in the middle of a major rebuild of your main terminal station.
2. Get the signalling wrong on the day the blockade ends.
3. And then, make a good start on you industrial relations.
So, it's here we go again ...
... with the same old story.
Should South Western Railway perhaps have a chat with GoAhead about how well their plans have gone on Southern?

Mule Makes Merry
Last night was the Seaton "illuminated" carnival procession. Amongst a steady stream of Majorettes, bright lights and over-amplified crump crump music (?) ...
... fbb spotted the Mendip Mule/Jurassic Mule/Shanklins Pony.
The parade passed right in front of fbb mansions so fbb was able to enjoy (?) the spectacle.

More from the fourth estate tomorrow while fbb awaits further developments in Sheffield.

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  1. The man from Isle of Wight Council doesn't sound very confident of winning the court case !