Sunday 24 September 2017

Fragmentary Weekend Blog (2)

Siarad Am Orsafoedd Newydd
O.K., here's a clue. Newydd = "new"; Orsafoedd is derived from the simpler "Gorsaf".

Globe-trotting Northampton newshound, Alan, has recently trotted to North Wales. fbb thanks him for some Welsh bits and pieces for today and tomorrow.

Here is the Caernarfon terminus of the magnificent Welsh Highland Railway that runs south all the way to Porthmadog.
Its locos may be spectacular ex South African railway monsters ...
... its trains may be long and the scenery breath-taking ...
... but its northern base is a bit of a dump. So a new station is currently under construction. It will be here, on this car parking area ...
... and it will look like this:-
Like Seaton's new tram station, it seems inappropriate for a heritage line with quaint stock and a vintage "look" everywhere else. Here is work in progress as snapped by Alan.
Looking from ground level, you can see a significant gap between proto-building and the retaining wall.
This is to allow for a possible future extension northwards to Bangor. Super big snag ...
... the former rail tunnel is now a road. Will there be street running through the tunnel? Alan also adds that Morrisons cafe will need to be demolished ...
... and and there are a few other things in the way. So it won't be happening any time in the near future.

"Siarad Am Orsafoedd Newydd" means "talking about new stations".

It Used To Be So Simple
When Hornby Dublo shocked the model railway world by introducing a "Castle Locomotive", you could (if you had indulgent parents) have one for your train set. It was "Bristol Castle". That was the only Castle you could buy.
The above ad is for the Bristolian set, introduced in 1957, which included two coaches and cost £7 7s and 6d (today, £165 with inflation added).
Hattons had been trading for 11 years when Dublo introduced their Great Western finest, but roll forward to today and Hattons is now producing its own locomotives. (More honestly, they are getting the lads and lasses in China to make them.) Their publicity has just appeared for a South Eastern and Chatham Railway (SECR) Class P. It is a very small tank locomotive.
And they are offering TWELVE versions!
The most delightful paint scheme is that used on the Bluebell Railway, not authentic for the SECR, but glorious all the same.
Yet another Christmas present idea or Mrs fbb - Hint hint! And only £99. (Only!)

Six Of The Best In Sheffield
Readers with a working set of "leedle grey cells" may remember that Bright Bus, a supplier of school bus services, closed at the end of the Summer Term. South Yorkshire PTE announced that they would be providing replacement services "but some pupils may not have a direct journey."


After a few weeks of term, problems are emerging with vociferous complaints in the press and a promise from the PTE to sort it out.
First bus have announce a batch of changes from tomorrow. the note appeared on-line towards the end of last week.
Well, that's OK then.

Some journeys are cut short, some are withdrawn, one runs half an hour later on schooldays etc. etc. - huge inconvenience and confusion for anyone choosing to travel at the critical times. There is no warning on First's web site, so the only way to find out is to look at the "three lines" menu on your phone.
Then, on the menu ...
... click on "News and service updates". This brings up ...
... another menu with another "News and service updates" upon which to click or tap. Scroll down through loads of stuff and, if you are persistent, you will come to the details of the changes.

Phew, it's hard work.

How many people will be surprised/angry/confused tomorrow?

First's on-line timetables have been updated, as they have on one other well-known system.

Traveline? Travel South Yorkshire? No chance.
From tomorrow, for example, the 1520 from Crystal Peaks is cancelled on schooldays.

It's All Chinese to Me!
Or, maybe:-

Back to North Wales tomorrow.

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