Thursday 7 September 2017

Cowley Bridge Cut Back

More Trimming In Exeter
This is Cowley ...
... the Morris Motors works just outside Oxford in fact, photographed in the 1950s. And this is Cowley ...
... a hamlet to the north of Exeter. And this is Cowley Bridge.
Cowley is a hamlet in the parish of Upton Pyne in Devon, England. Cowley church was built as a chapel of ease to Brampford Speke by Rohde Hawkins in 1867-8.
Cowley is chiefly notable for a fine three-arched bridge of classical design, built over the River Creedy in 1813-14 by James Green, pupil of John Rennie and surveyor to the county of Devon. Although so recent in date, the bridge has been scheduled as an ancient monument.
Cowley Bridge Junction is a railway junction on the former Bristol and Exeter Railway, that allows access to the former North Devon Railway towards Barnstaple, now renamed the Tarka Line.

The junction has achieved notoriety in recent years by being the site of heavy flooding blocking the West Of England main line.
And here is the Junction back in the days of broad gauge and narrow gauge track.
This is Cowley Bridge Inn ...
... oft shown a background to train pictures at the railway junction, snapped from the road bridge on Cowley Hill, about 220 yards from Cowley Bridge itself.
Stagecoach in Exeter runs buses to Cowley Bridge ...
... a location which isn't any version of Cowley Bridge that we have seen so far. These are the stops ...
... at the end of what looks like a loop at Stagecoach's version of Cowley Bridge (the upper "H" on the map below).
But the arrows belie the concept of a terminal loop. In fact the H runs from the City centre via St David's Station then via a mythical "Cowley Bridge" UP Wrefords Drive (whoops, squashed off the top of the map) and DOWN West Garth Road, back along Cowley Bridge Road TO the University.
In the opposite direction buses run FROM the Uni, via Cowley Bridge Road, UP West Garth Road, DOWN Wrefords Drive to "Cowley Bridge" then back via St David's Station to the City Centre.
The quoted "Cowley Bridge" is this roundabout:-
The real Cowley (river) bridge is straight ahead and the Cowley Bridge Inn is off to the right.

It is all a bit confusing ...
... but the little "Cowley Bridge" estate has the generous benefit of a bus every 30 minutes.

But that should be "had", because it all changed from Sunday 3rd.
As we shall see tomorrow.

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  1. At least there IS a map for Exeter, which is more than can be said for that little town up the railway line - London. See today's blog from the Diamond Geezer.