Saturday, 30 May 2015

In The Loop or On the Loop? [1]

A Multi-Useful Brand?
A Dictionary of Buiness Jargon offers:-
Provided with information and included in a decision-making process. For example, "She's new to the board, but be sure to keep her in the loop." This expression uses loop in the sense of "a circle of individuals among whom information or responsibility circulates.

But in Falkirk, "On" the Loop might be better.
The Scottish Government-funded bus service to support the Falkirk area’s major tourism drive was officially launched this week at the Falkirk Wheel with the unveiling of its distinctive new bus design. (The service started back in April)

The new hourly bus service, named The Loop, is funded by Transport Scotland and operated by local bus operator First Midland Bluebird. It has been launched by Falkirk Council to boost connections between the area’s world class tourist attractions and other road and rail services over the summer season.

The Loop takes in The Falkirk Wheel, Falkirk High and Grahamston Stations, Falkirk Town Centre, Falkirk Stadium, Callander Park and The Kelpies ...

... with dedicated bus stop signs featuring VisitFalkirk branding to help signpost visitors to the route.
Falkirk Council’s spokesperson for Transport, Cllr Dr Craig Martin joined Managing Director of First Midland Bluebird Paul McGowan and Sarah McKenzie of Falkirk Delivers at the Falkirk Wheel to spout pre-pepared soundbites and reveal the brand new design for The Loop buses, which features images of main attractions including The Kelpies (reduced-size version alongside) and The Steeple. The Falkirk Steeple is, erm ...
... a steeple!

Cllr Dr Craig Martin (launch photo left) said: “Funding from Transport Scotland and First to launch The Loop has enabled the Council to drive forward with its ambitions to make the Falkirk area a top tourist destination. Now there is a dedicated and frequent (hourly?) bus service linking up our main tourist destinations to improve the visitor experience in the area in time for the busy summer season and we are confident that businesses and attractions will benefit as a result.” Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?

It would appear, from what popped up on line, that one idea submitted by the local design company Paul Tonner ...
... (of stunningly original logo fame) was to apply the brand to buses using existing routes 3 ...
... and 5...
 ... the route for The Kelpies.
But, in the end, a dedicated route 100 is operated ...
... but with no sign of a map on-line.

The service is hourly in both directions between Falkirk centre (ASDA and Bus Station) with a spike to High Station and the Falkirk Wheel. If fbb's maths is OK, the route requires two buses. According to the press release, 5000 passengers were carried in the first month.

And the dedicated stops are branded as well!
Indeed,  very .... pink!

Oooh, look! The Kelpies are pink to celebrate.
But, for some readers, that brand name (What was it? Oh, yes; The Loop) might ring a few bells ...
No 1 son's family cat, Bobba ...
in the energetic pursuit of the local vermin!
And that new bus story (see yesterday's blog - read again) ...
Whilst it is good to see First renewing its fleet (spectacularly under Fearnley's rule), some of the far flung (well, far from Seaton!) bits of the empire have struggled a bit with their press releases. After all, you can't supply a picture of buses that have not been built yet!

But anything new will do for the press. Here is an example from First Scotland ...
... buses hot off the production line! Wow!

But look a little closer ...
... and we see an economical re-use of an old picture from way down South. Will the canny Scots hacks notice as they obediently pen their news-biteso

First Glasgow were a bit better, they showed an old new bus trundling past Kelvingrove Park ...
... which is, for the geographically challenged amongst our readers, actually in Glasgow!
 Next loopy, kelpie, wheelie blog : Sunday 31st May 

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