Sunday 19 May 2013

Seaton, Déjà Vu?

Bradford City 3 : Cobblers 0
Sorry, lads; you were just outplayed.
See yesterday's blog (read again).
A snippet from the archives junk box
This pic was snapped by a teenage pre-fbb aged 14. So, the question is, what is it? And where is it? Please feel free to add a comment to this blog if you have an answer to either. fbb does remember "what", but can't remember "where".
Back to Seaton ...

Who is this?
Those who know him may immediately recognise a rather fuzzy photo of the fat bus bloke, deep in thought. In fact it isn't; it's the fat bus bloke's grandma on holiday about 60 years ago!
The likeness is terrifying!

But it's where she was that is more interesting. Here she is with two delightful little grandchildren ...
... on the beach at Seaton, Devon. The buildings in the background are still recognisable today ...
... although development has taken place between the two gable ends. Likewise granny and mummy are desporting themselves ...
... with Castle Hill, Seaton in the background.
Three years later an older little chap was photographed on Station Road, Colyton, at its junction with Rosemary Lane:-
School uniform - on holiday? Including cap! The blazer was, effectively, "best clothes" and the cap was, presumably, in response to mother's all-pervasive fear of "catching a chill"

Again, despite a rebuild of the fence and clearance of foliage, recognisable today.
Of course, most people didn't have cars then, they went by bus; which brings us to the public transport content of this wallow in nostalgia, as dragged from dusty boxes chez the fbbs.

What turned up, amazingly, was the first ever bus photo snapped by an 11 year old pre-fbb on his mother's old box brownie camera.
And here it is!

Photographed by Seaton clock tower gardens, just opposite Woolies and along a bit from the "Pastimes" amusement arcade. The interwebnet reveals a full history of the bus:-
The equivalent of the 213 today is First's service 30 which follows a similar route but does not penetrate south of Axminster.
Stagecoach runs route 20 between Seaton, Honiton and Taunton ...
Alternatively it's Axe Valley to Axminster and change.

Upon returning from holiday back then, and displaying his photographic genius, the lad was roundly ridiculed by his parents and family. "Why did you waste a picture on a bus?" Whether as a result of deep trauma at such vehement criticism or a simple lack of finance, bus photography did not re-emerge until spring 1964 in Sheffield; of which this is the only remnant found so far.
Who knows what delights would have been snapped had the chubby one had the time or the inclination in the intervening 10 years?

Of course, what is more spooky, is that fbb and Mrs fbb are due to move to Seaton later this month (solicitors permitting!) and will live just round the corner, less than 5 minutes from the beach scenes above.

Strange how things work out ...

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  1. I had a granny that looked and dressed just like that. But then, we all looked the same in those days, didn't we?