Sunday 26 May 2013

Nostlgia par Excellence!

Today is the start of the new First Bus network in Glasgow. Like Portsmouth's changes last year, it represents a major re-think of the whole network. Plans were announced earlier in the year with an invitation to the public to respond. Some changes have been incorporated a a result but these are mostly cosmetic.
Unfortunately, due the "other domestic pressures" (!), fbb is unable to review the changes in detail; there are just too many! But, de-junking and packing permitted, a review of the publicity for this massive change is planned for later in the week. A sample survey of at least one corridor "before" and "after" looks feasible.
Meanwhile, please allow el chubbo the pleasure of a bit of hyper-nostalgia from ...

41 years ago ...

A blog or few ago, fbb mentioned a visit to Edinburgh, on a day trip by train from Sheffield, accompanied by a teenage Giles Fearnley, now up-raised to the Elysian heights of Director of Buses for First Group. As part of a rapidly failing attempt to clear up, pack up and clear off, Mrs fbb discovered three postcards sent by her hubby-to-be, all on the same day, from that Edinburgh trip.

The pictures and messages reveal something of fbb's wooing ways (!); and something of the future Mrs' resilience to the puerile drivel that your now-chubby blogger was wont to outpour at the slightest provocation.

And still is!
First Class postage was 3p (7d in real money); and the date was 16th April 1972.
Note the world famous Fearnley signature.
Upon arrival in Scotland's capital the party was allowed some free time to explore the shops and historic sights of the City.
So the terrible twosome decided to explore things transportational.
Later a tour of the City by bus was scheduled as duly reported below.
After which GRF and pre-fbb did see a little sight ...
... as skilfully sketched on the obverse of the card.
Two pieces of explanation may be helpful to our confused readers. "Veggereggy Geggood" is in "egg" language, a craze in the Bible Class at the time. You add the word "egg" before every pronounced vowel in every word. Thus
Beggus = bus
Treggain = train
Eggedegginbeggoreggur = Edinburgh
   (with the final syllable pronounced "borough")

"Somebody isn't using ... " was part of a well known advertorial campaign for a breath freshener and deodorant pill.
A childish play on the word "reek" which, as we all know, means "smoke" as in "lum" = chimney. fbb added an erroneous "b" to "lum"!

Several conclusions may be drawn from this wallow.

1. The couple were engaged in the June following the arrival chez wife-to-be of these postcards. It is huge credit to the lady's long-suffering that she still happily (?) endures her spouse's interests. A fine woman indeed!

2. The teenage Fearnley was more interested in The Forth Rail Bridge and the bus tour than the usual pursuits of a "youff" of the early 1970s.
And both Fearnley and Bowie are still going strong!

For the record:

On 26th March 1972, Britain last trolleybus service ran in Bradford ...
... and on 30th April the Pullman Brighton Belle made its last journey.
41 years ago ...


 Next Bus Blog : Monday 27th May 

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