Wednesday 1 May 2013

Not Bored at Watford [3]

See "Not Bored at Watford" [2] (read again)

 It's tough on taxis, they claim 
As a result of the revamp, 3 taxis can wait on the left of the car park access road, drive forward through the tunnel, turn in the car park and wait in a a second 3-taxi layby near the station exit. This, say the lads, will lead to delays and possible accidents as unwary potential customers run across the car park access road to get a response from a snoozing driver.

 Whatever happened to the short stay car park? 
Action needs to be taken to discourage drivers from dangerously dropping off passengers outside Watford Junction Station, the town’s elected mayor has said.
Mayor Dorothy Thornhill called on London Midland trains, which runs the station, to improve signage to its new car park to encourage motorists to use it. The mayor’s comments come after she said residents had contacted her about the dangerous situation developing on Station Road outside the station since its redevelopment.  

As part of the works the old short-stay parking bays, which were accessible near the station’s entrance in Station Road, were removed.
taxis, buff colour : buses, pale purple : short stay, pink
Woodford Road is one way right to left from short stay.

These were replaced by a new car park further down past the station’s bus area. However the new car park is only accessible from Woodford Road, which is a one way road and one way in the "wrong" direction against the flow of most of those wishing to park.

The result has been that many drivers collecting or dropping people at the station have been stopping in traffic in Station Road instead.

Mayor Thornhill said: "Drivers are just chucking people out in the main road. They (London Midland) have to improve the signage and drivers have to get used to using the short term car park. We need to make sure this brilliant investment London Midland has made is not spoilt by small things that irritate the hell out of people." 

Not quite the sophisticated style of speaking that one might normally associate with her eminence the Mayor? Or perhaps it is? The temerity of her asperity negates the status of the office!

 Bus station : manoeuvering menace? 
The old bus station had three parallel lanes; two with bus stands and a third for vehicle "layover".

The new layout has the stands located "in the round"; three (Nos 1, 2 and 3 above) as previously and three facing in the opposite direction. There is a central "lane" for waiting buses to doze peacefully until their next turn of duty.
This means that buses waiting on the stands adjacent to Woodford Road will have to do one and a half circuits of the bus station tho get in and out. And does the architect really think that buses will be easy to jiggle into and out of the central parking area. Interesting times and the occasional bent bus seem likely!

 Angle of Incidence Incidents 
This one comes from No. 3 son's personal observation. Because the forecourt area slopes down to the one remaining entrance and exit door to the booking hall (there used to be two), the glazing reflects everything.
This means, says No. 3, that you can easily collide with exiting commuters. The comfy (?) stone seats are easy to trip over if your concentration is less than ideal after a day's stressful labour. Not clear from the photographs is the unnecessary semi circle of hefty bollards; a response to unjustified paranoia that Watford political extremists might drive their explosive-filled vehicle into the building.

Presumably, being typical plegmatic Brits, the dutiful residents of Watford will soon adjust to the revised plans and all will work tolerably well.

But what Watford Junction really needs is a completely new station!

And there are plans ...

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  1. Whoever thought up the arrangements for traffic at Watford Junction should be put into prison for wasting money. This has been the second disastrous traffic management system put in place in the last 10 years. How on earth do these morons get these jobs?