Friday 15 February 2013

100 Glorious Years

 fbb's 800th blog 
 95% of 464 Bus Order to be Manufactured in UK 
        All Buses to be Fitted with Wi-Fi      

FirstGroup, the UK's leading bus and rail operator, today revealed that its bus division has ordered 464 new vehicles worth £76m for delivery in the 2013/14 financial year. This order will bring First's investment in new buses to around £240m in three years.

First also confirmed that more than 95% of its 2013/14 manufacture will be in the UK. The bulk of the order will be built by Falkirk based Alexander Dennis Limited (222 vehicles) and Ballymena based Wrightbus (179 vehicles).

The interior of each vehicle will be laid out to First's specification which was designed last year following extensive customer research. This seeks to maximise the flexibility for both buggies and wheelchairs whilst providing additional grab rails for all passengers whether seated or standing. All vehicles will be fitted with Wi-Fi so that customers can stay connected whilst on the move.

"Investment in our bus division continues apace," said Giles Fearnley, Managing Director of First UK Bus. "We are committed to growing our business and encouraging more people to use our services and to use them more often. These new buses will see our investment reach some £240m in nearly 1500 vehicles over the last three years. This is enabling us to make a step change in the quality of service that we offer. Fitting Wi-Fi as standard is also increasingly important for our customers and all the vehicles will have leather or e-leather seating. We are determined to be at the forefront of customer service across the British bus industry."
All  this and Everest Sheffield's Centenary too

  100th Anniversary of the Motor Bus   
       in Sheffield : 1115 today       

A Celebration of a Century of Motor Buses in Sheffield
Today's blog will be (hopefully) a real time report on the celebrations as above. For fbb, the fun starts with the 0743 Arriva service 28 fom Groby to Leicester St Margarets bus station ...
... followed by the 0900 train to Sheffield. Actually fbb caught a late running 26.

Posted 0926

Meanwhile, enjoy a picture of  the bulkhead graphic on one of the "specials".
 Please return to the blog to monitor progress 
At 1130, the crowds
The first A R Fearnley
Grandson and A R Fearnley 2 in the pram (great grandson) who made a short journey on the bus which bore the name of his illustrious forebear.
 Darren Sentance whose team did the painting!
And what the fuss was all about at Sheffield Interchange.
more later

At Lodge Moor 1215
Old and New.

 Arrival Sheffield Centre 1245 
And so to the Town Hall for sarnies and a short talk.

Posted 1330
And so ends a splendid day.

Once again, fbb thanks all those concerned for the invitation and the huge delights of the day. There is more to be reported in detail, but that must wait a while.

 Next Bus Blog : Saturday 16th February 

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