Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Worries Whilst Waiting at Watford [2]

Whither Wends the Watford W30?
Everyone is in glorious agreement.
Hertfordshire ...
... Traveline ...
... and Red Rose, the operator ...
... although Traveline has lost a Business Park! They all agree that the route is a "Circular" which would appear to be confirmed by Hertforshire's on-line timetable. Or is it three circulars?

From Watford Business Park to Watford Business Park?
From Croxley Green Business Park to Croxley Green Business Park?
From Watford High Street to Watford High Street?
And, not only has Traveline lost at least one Business Park, it seems to have lost two. I doesn't call at any Business Park.
The curse of the NaPTAN database strikes again!

And while we are with Traveline, how is this for a howler?
The last three times from the 0810 from Holywell have been repeated in the previous column and shown out of place. That's the reason why Traveline is such a poor tool; someone should have spotted this and corrected it.

Surely the operator, Red Rose, makes a better fist of showing its own timetable on its own web site?
Alas no. It links to the Hertfordshire timetable as shown (in three different bits!) above.

But why does fbb get his knickers in a twist? Because the whole set up of this table creates chaos and misunderstandings all over the place. Ask Traveline for a journey from Hatters Lane to Watford Junction station and you are told ...
... that you have 20 minutes of walking. In fact there is a through bus every 15 minutes; for example 0731 from Hatters Lane arriving at The Junction at 0755! Coming the other way, in the early evening, similar wrongness is perpetrated.
This time you walk for 32 minutes when there is a through bus every 15 minutes; easier to catch the 1704 from The Junction arriving at 1731 at Caxton Way. Why does Traveline give such potty answers?

Obviously we need the investigative genius of fbb. (His only fault is his modesty!)
A Grand Day Out?
Today fbb is off on the road (and rail) investigating the new First Bus services (centred on Newquay) which started yesterday and were featured publicity-wise in last Sunday's blog (read again).
As the return to fbb mansions will not be until about 2130 tonight after an 0530 rise this morning (!), a report will follow on Thursday.
Buses in Walmington-on-Sea?
In a recent blog, fbb was looking at Warmington (Northamptonshire) and he warned readers not to confuse it with Dad's Army (fictional) Walmington on Sea. See "Interesting Intersection of Interests [2]" (read again). But now he is not so sure. Check out this destination blind.
A hitherto unknown operator ...
... with premises in the town.
Yet another activity of Private Joe Walker.
The actor James Beck died suddenly in 1973 at the age of 44.

New to Yorkshire Rider in February 1996, this Mercedes with Plaxton B23F body saw further service with Stott's coaches in Huddersfield.
It was acquired by Dewsbury Bus Museum member Andrew Tindall. Dewsbury Bus Museum web site (here).

Top three pictures from Northampton correspondent Alan, who appears to have escaped from the confines of Northgate bus station and gone all the way to the Lincoln bus museum open day! And the free bus rides, spookily, all loaded here:-
Don't tell them where it is, Pyke.
 Next Watford bus blog : Wednesday 5th November 

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