Sunday, 28 February 2021

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Going Topless This Summer

It seems to be the thing to do. Once Boris lets us out of house arrest, we will, apparently, all rush out to travel on open top buses. Above is a Stagecoach "tease".

Meanwhile First Kernow's tree lopper ...

... has been spotted in operation at Minehead, doing its stuff for Buses of Somerset.
Less happily the service 20 from Weston super Mud ...
... is NOT topless. Apparently the Council (BANES - Bath and North East Somerset) have refused to carry out their statutory duty to trim the trees and want First to pay them to do it!

Seems unsatisfactory. Couldn't First Bristol borrow Kernow's "Grey Lady" and institute a bit of DIY?

Then we now have pictures of the actual buses that will operate First's new Dartmoor Explorer ...
... which will start on Sunday May 16th. That is always assuming .,..
Sadly, these are not open top but the service is planned to operate all year round and WILL be available to those with "Old Codgers" passes. A potential long day out for fbb?

'Anwell Upgrade
Hanwell Station's upgrade for the Crossrail/Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail service is now complete.
The main job had been the building of a lift tower from the north side access road, complete with anonymous Elizabeth line roundel ...
... and a lift from within the Subway that leads to Platform 2 from the Station Approach to the south.
The new Platform 2 lift has been clad in timber to match the rest of the building.
Thankfully the historic and quaintly rural station buildings remain.
More than that, the traditional station signs have been retained ...
... which is worth two or three chocolate peanuts for Notwork Rail.
The waiting room is also fettled up in a traditional and sympathetic manner.
What? No coal fire in the grate? Scandalous!

Hanwell presently has four trains an hour, two to Heathrow ...
... and two offering a connection to Reading at Hayes and Harlington. At some mysterious time in the future these four trains will dive into the real Cross Rail tunnels near Paddington and re-appear out east.

A Birthday Gift fbb Did Not Receive
'Tis a clock made to look like a standard mechanical B R shunting signal but somewhat smaller. Nice!
Many are now replaced by they new-fangled electric light thingeys - they'll never catch on!

East Midland Trains has painted one of its ex Virgin (?) HST power cars in trandition Inter City "swallow" livery and very smart it looks.
All they need now is a matching rake of coaches!

Meanwhile a computer buff has been playing with a YouTube clip of a Virgin (L N E R) liveried HST.
He has made traction and trailers appear is if painted in EMT ecclesiastical purple.
And here it was before red became purple.
fbb still prefers the InterCityl!
Somehow it looked more luxurious than blue and grey.

It's Amazing What You Don't Know
The thin, wiggly bit of Lyme Regis is a pain in the brake pedal. It gets clogged, things get stuck, often buses!
It would be nice of there were a back road that by-passed the town centre. Well, there is, BUT ...
From lower left, you can take Clappentail Lane ...
... down to the old Station hotel. Straight across into Roman Road is banned.
But you can hang a right and then a left into Haye Lane which is narrow and wiggly ...
... and leads into Roman Road - which is also narrow and wiggly.
Roman Road crosses the River Lymm on a bridge which is narrow and no wiggly (thankfully!) ...
... when you will find you way out to the official through route.

Amazingly it is a bus route!

Maybe stick to the main road?

Damory (Go Ahead) Service 71 has a near unfathomable timetable and map ...
... but you can spot the route and the bridge.

fbb really does need to explore Damory 71!

Tomorrow we are off to Gosport.

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  1. Weston Super Mare is in North Somerset whilst Burnham on Sea is in Somerset. Nowt to do with BANES

  2. No peanuts, chocolate or otherwise, need to be awarded to Network Rail. The station is listed Grade II, so they had little choice.

  3. In your recent entry that included Llangollen, your helpful pronunciation entry for Pontysyllth aqueduct has another variation: pont ee (for "y") sill eeth. There are probably many other pronunciations. (went over the aqueduct in canal boat some 15 years ago - scary, as one side is open to sheer drop 100 feet ).