Monday, 4 November 2019

Weekend Variety (3) ...

... it's a long weekend again and the predicted delay to today's blog has been avoided by some judicious re-scheduling and the lack of any much for fbb to watch on the telly last night!!
Give Us a Twirl
fbb is not well versed in the confectionery trade, but recognises the "Twirl" as a Cadbury's product. It is a "Flake" (the crumbliest flakiest ... etc) with an over-layer of more chocolate.
Now, without fbb's permission, Cadbury's have introduced a "Limited Edition" "Orange" Twirl i.e. a "normal" Twirl flavoured with orange..
The word on the street is that these have been distributed widely to large retailers , supermarkets and the like but ...
... in small quantities or even, horror of horrors, NOT AT ALL (pause for gasps of astonishment) to yer ordinary corner type sweet shop. Tetchy Twirl Tasters (potential Twirl Tasters) have been quick to complain on line and to their local press.

But one enterprising entrepreneur in the environs of Eboracum had managed to obtain a small supply; and, showing a massive outpouring of public spiritiedness, offered to GIVE THEM AWAY.
He promulgated this offer on his personal Twit site ...
The Whitby press has yet to report on the consequences so rumours of road closures at the bus stops in the town ...
... cancellation of police leave and a summarily applied curfew cannot be verified. It would appear that some were still to be found as the Transdev Coastliner bus passed Beck Hole Turn later in its journey!
[Poor paste-up for a weak joke.]. But a rousing cheer for the initiative of said driver.

Go NorthEast Livery Delivery
Readers will be familiar with GoAhead's collection of branded bus routes. 

The Green Arrow 97 and 97A ...
... gets new vehicles in a brighter green livery.
Services North of the Tyne get a new bit of sparkle as here with the 309.
The 309 and 310 are branded "Cobalt and Coast"; Cobalt after the huge newbuild business park area and Coast ...
... erm, after the coast.
Theree are some very agreeable bits of coast as here, north of Whitley Bay, St Marys Island. fbb himself has climbed the steps inside the lighthouse. The view is gorgeous!

But the real change is with longer distance inter-urban route which are joining together to form a "mega brand" called the "X-Lines".
fbb looks forward to reviewing the whole package when it is all in place.

But, as usual, good this at Go NorthEast.

And First As Well?
In a slightly small project, First Bus is introducing a clear brand for its Worcester town services. They are to be the "Riversiders", which sounds like to homely rural antidote to "EastEnders"! No more details yet, just a tantalising glimpse of a rear end.

And A New Depot.
Canny blog readers will recognise the site straight away ...
... but southerners may struggle. The tram depot may help. Crich? No this is Beamish Opern Air Museum. Beamish has a wide variety of heritage public transport offering free services between  various parts of its huge site. Apart from buses and trams, there is a full size railway and, tucked away near the Colliery sites an opportunity to ride on a train hauled by a replica of Stephensons Locomotion.
Because the bus depot is a working site, storing and maintaining the museums buses, it is not a heritage building brought brick by brick from elsewhere; but it is a newbuild very much in the style of a small-town bus garage.
The windows at the back will allow visitors to watch maintenance work in progress without transgressing the panoply of 'elf and safety and insurance restrictions. But he main shed will be open to the museum's visitors with heritage displays on the walls and there is a substantial display area outside for parking extra old buses.
Well done, Beamish.

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