Thursday 28 November 2019

Scunthorpe Surprise (3)

Bring Out The Germolene - Friction Points!
One of the changes from this coming weekend is the withdrawal of buses from East Butterwick. Hornsby's superb new timetable book tells all.
Always ready to investigate oddities, fbb was intrigued to find out something about Burringham and East Butterwick. Both villages are on the banks of the Trent (the east bank, no less!) but are otherwise remarkable. Burringham has the splendid Church of John the Baptist ...
... whereas East Butterwick can only offer the minimalist St Andrews.
The village's Methodist Church is now unused and in private hands.
So what IS the current bus service to East Butterwick. The Hornsby's web site shows journeys to East Butterwick on Saturdays only ...
... whereas the Simplibus leaflet has Monday to Friday journeys as well. It also shows a 30 minute frequency route 12 to Ashfield which it isn't. Currently on mondays to Fridays there is an hourly 12 plus an hourly13 with the latter being withdrawn from the timetable change.
Good innit?

Two of the four trips are Tuesday and Friday only and one continues on request only. Saturday timings are slightly different.
Does the 0815 from Scunny run to Wast Butterwick or not? Who knows? Meanwhile, Google Maps shows the terminus stop at St Andrews Church as having no bus service. It is blank!
Google Maps takes its data from the sainted Traveline whose timetable simply does not mention Burringham or Easy Butterwick!
Nothing runs beyond Ashfield "Caravan Site" which now brands itself "Park Homes".

Ashfield Park is situated on the Burringham Road on the west side of Scunthorpe town. At the entrance to Ashfield Park there is a small bus terminal with covered waiting area. Buses leave every hour for the 15 minute journey to Scunthorpe town centre with its shops and facilities. Trains from Scunthorpe station connect with the East Coast Mainline services at Doncaster.

A local Asda supermarket is a short walk from Ashfield and includes a hairdressers, a chemist and a travel agents. A doctor’s surgery and a health clinic are all within a 15 minute walk. The local hospital is also easily reached from Ashfield Park.

The local golf course is within a 5-minute walk, and horse riding, fishing and leisure facilities can be found within a five mile radius. Our local pub with its own restaurant is also just a 5-minute walk away.
The 12 has a neat little turning circle ...
... at which it is joined by the occasional 10.
Neither route penetrates the ASDA site. Maybe Gareth's terminal blob should be moved west a little?
Sadly, however, from next week passengers from the two Trentside villages are advised to contact Call Connect.
There is oodles of information on the Call Connect web site - but with just a few days to go, no mention of the disconnected villages. Sweet video, though!
Yet again, it is all a bit of a mess. Searching for a bus to East Butterwick on Traveline seems a non-starter as its timetables don't acknowledge the extended service 12 journeys in any way. Some Call Connect services do appear, however, but, as yet nothing to replace the 12.

But there are more Scunny surprises in store.

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  1. For comment on East Butterwick services see:

  2. Both villages are already within the area served by one of the four North Lincolnshire CallConnect services, according to that council's website - which is after all the transport authority for the area. And indeed, that is where the CallConnect website sends you to for further information on the North Lincolnshire routes. No need for a special mention of either Burringham or East Butterwick.