Saturday, 28 July 2018

Better Late Than Never?

Leaflets for Stagecoach's incursion into the Peak District via service 65, Buxton to Sheffield, happened at very short notice and it is a credit to the company that everything was in place for the start of operations on 22nd July.

fbb has been taken to task (in general) with reminders that Stagecoach's registration "system" delivers working timetables to the web site "automatically" which is why the early on-line publicity for the service was poor ...
... showing the service as two separate but overlapping tables.
Another correspondent wrote that "it takes time to design and print a leaflet". No it doesn't. A raw information leaflet can be produced in a couple of hours, printed and distributed the same day! It just takes a bit of staff time, a smidgen of commitment to the potential passengers and a good quality printer.

The raw timetable (as a CSV or text file) can be easily converted into an HTML or PDF file with a few clicks on the laptop keyboard and thus made suitable for the web site. Memo to Stagecoach, ditch automatic; use brain!

Stagecoach decided to go with the shiny coloured leaflet - excellent phase two policy - but timing was a bit "touch and go".

Nevertheless the Sheffield mafia soon spread the word and demand was heavy at the two Sheffield outlets. So much so that Arundel Gate ran out completely and the Interchange was rationing supplies! As a Sheffield chum opined, "if everyone who took a leaflet were to travel on the 65, the buses would be packed full!"

fbb has received no report about availability in Buxton and the various tourist shops in between but he would be surprised (and pleased!) to hear that leaflets are available and on display everywhere en route.

But the leaflet is a "good-un" and worthy of a review.
It has a thoroughly competent, but simple map ...
... showing all the most useful destinations.
It has thumbnail "sketches" of some of the delights to enjoy for a day trip ...
... all very helpful and encouraging.

Eyam, the plague village, is of considerable interest, as is the tragic but noble story of Rev Mompesson's leadership, persuading the people to stay and die rather than flee and take the disease elsewhere.
The Rev had to watch his wife die what was a horrible death.
Equally stunning (not!) is the font at which First bus boss Fearnley was christened.
His name used to be on a baptismal roll poster on the wall!

Tideswell is picturesque and sports a number of "heritage" food shops but you will have missed the big food festival back in early May.
Buxton's glory is faded in places, with the Pump Room no longer offering sips of the regenerative "waters" for a penny a glass!
No matter, you can slurp free from the tap outside! Yummy?
Or you could achieve much the same refreshment level from the tap back home! Also take a look at The Pavilion and the Opera House - both very grand.

Walks, even a creaky fbb amble, around the Fox House area are simply gorgeous.
Oh yes, fbb nearly forgot, the leaflet does have timetables!!
To make a trip as painless as possible, Stagecoach have some very attractive fares offers.
The best value of all for travellers arriving from further afield, however, can be the Derbyshire Wayfarer ticket. Valid on all buses and trains in Derbyshire, plus to and from Sheffield (and elsewhere outside the County border), it will cost you £13 for the day, £6.50 for we old folk - even better deals for families.

The Senior day return on the train between Derby and Sheffield is £7.85! (Time restriction applies Monday to Friday for both fares)
Equipped with your Wayfarer, you could travel out with Stagecoach and back with High Peak ...
... or vice versa, and enjoy the different vehicles and the different routes between Millers Dale and Buxton.
Enjoy your ride! But beware of Traveline ...

Buxton P.S.(es)! A Buxton bus watcher reports that he has not seen any Stagecoach leaflets etc., but they may be available on the buses; but his search has not been exhaustive. Bet there aren't any in the Eyam Museum!

Also reported is that Stagecoach have branded two buses for the route - no pictures, yet.

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