Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Blame It All On Napoleon (1)

This is Rheinfelden Station.
It has trains from Basel, Switzerland.

And this is Rheinfelden Station.
It has trains from Basel, Switzerland.

This is a train to Rheinfelden.
And this is a train to Rheinfelden.
This is a station sign at Rheinfelden ...
... and this is a station sign at Rheinfelden.
And this is also a station in Rheinfelden.

These are gas buses at Rheinfelden Station; note the Swiss flag on the side.
And this is a bus outside Rheinfelden Station. It is operated by PostBus but never carries the post.
Here is another bus not far from Rheinfelden Station ...
... operating route 7312, the Rheinfelden Town service.

Confused? You should be!
Because here is a 7312 in service, crossing the bridge between Rheinfelden and Rheinfelden ...
... and here is a sign it is about the pass.

And, finally, to send you completely nuts in the hot weather, here is a map of Rheinfelden ...
... and here is a map of Rheinfelden.

By now you should have got the drift of fbb's very un-subtle tease.

There are two Rheinfeldens separated by the River Rhein. One is in Germany and the other is in Switzerland; and the dual personality plays havoc with the public transport network.

Whilst locals seem to cope remarkably well, it drives visitors to distraction, including fbb's No 3 son, who visited there a few days ago.

But the people of Rheinfelden and the populace of Rheinfelden still think of themselves as one town.

And its is all Napoleon Bonaparte's fault!

We will unravel some of the mystery tomorrow.

 Next Rheinfelden blog : Thursday 26th July 


  1. Turning you attention back to Northamptonshire, half of centrebus current routes are missing from the new paper timetable dated 22nd July, 16 and W8 are all that's there!!

  2. Don't the blue mini gas buses also carry the German flag, at the start of the swoop which becomes the Swiss flag?

    Incidentally, how are the minibuses coping over there? The concept, in terms of Stagecoach's "Litle & Often" experiment, has recently been rubbished by FBB, so a view of their success or otherwise across the Channel would be interesting. Oh, and I see the Oxford demand responsive minibus scheme is being trumpeted by GoAhead as exceeding expectations.

  3. Rubbished "Little and Often" no longer exists. More about Rhinefelden minibuses on Friday.