Friday, 4 February 2011

Accuracy - a P.S.

Oh dear, not again!

The Director General of Travel South Yorkshire's "striving for accuracy and the most helpful information for the customer" policy - as quoted to fbb - fails yet again.  See Miscellaneous Map Mutterings [3] (read again). According to bus stops in the Southey Green area of the City, First runs a No. 73 bus every 10 minutes on Sundays.
Somebody should tell Tim O'Toole (CEO of First)!   He will be surprised!

There is NO Sunday service on the 73 at Southey Green.

Thanks to for this beauty!

A correspondent also informs me that services 45 and 46 were still shown on electronic screens as departing from stops on Arundel Gate on Wednesday 2nd Feb, three days after the services were withdrawn! Doubtless these have now been corrected; but fbb is intrigued to travel on a service 36 via Shiregreen, as advertised online today (Friday 4th Feb) for a departure from Arundel Gate.
No it doesn't and never has done!   And it doesn't go via Brightside either.   And it never quite reaches Fir Vale.  The service does terminate within the grounds of the huge Northern General Hospital complex which doesn't get a mention on the "helpful" screen displays.

Talking of Northern General Hospital and "real time" displays; try finding any on-screen departure times for buses to get you there direct.   Frequent services 47 and 48 do not leave from an "interchange" - mini or maxi - so NGH, despite being a major traffic objective, doesn't appear.    You can go to "ACIS live", if you can find it, but that only gives rudimentary destination information, not intermediate points.

So much for the benefits of the latest technology.  Give us a "timetable book" any day!

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