Tuesday 27 December 2022

Bank Holiday Bits (2)

 Puzzle Unsolved?

This sad guy, waiting for his train "somewhere in the UK" (yeah, right!) according to our (n)ever accurate press, has provoked a more extensive general blog which will follow in due course.

Livery Delivery 1
A nice picture of First Bus in bright blue serving Fareham and Portsmouth and, possibly, running in to Southampton where the byFirst network will be closed down in Feb. 

Where next for the chop?

Livery Delivery 2
Presumably this is a more considered revamp of the ex Zap buses now running to Wetherby c/o Transdev Harrogate Buses.
Will they still be Sky class?
Will customers flock in increased numbers now the buses will have gee-gees on them?

Livery Bad Delivery
Go Goodwins (also trading at Little Gem with big buses) operate in the greater Greater Manchester area. The company has a penchant for all-over adverts, possibly because it makes them more money than running cut price tendered to TfGM?

One thing the company seems unwilling to encourage is for its customers to enjoy the view out of the windows.
And here's another one, equally dismissive of customer service.
But one twitterer spotted this horrific variant. In this case the front top deck window ...
... is completely blacked out.

Is it really that appalling? Or have the front set of top deck lights failed?

Whatever, the display plastered across all the aide windows is really, really bad.

A Good Question ...
If five-day-a-week commuting is now only a minority activity, with more employees choosing to work to avoid peak travel and just buy one-off cheapo fares, is it perhaps time to remove "Anytime" fares completely from the tangled string?
Scotrail (now state owned and operated) are giving it a trial.

... Meanwhile In South Yorkshire
The w Mayor's Fare is being promoted.
But in the real world, the PTE is, guess what? Yep! Increasing all its fares.

First Bus told fbb ...
... but when the old boy clicked to view the details ...
... it wouldn't "ackle". Well done First.

Whilst wrestling with First's clicknology, fbb decided to check what the existing fares were.
Good on-line presentation, innit?

Fortunately, the PTE has a full list of the over-complex tangled string of bus, tram and train fares in the county, There are only 114 different bus-only tickets in the county.

Bus tangles this time!

And Thanks For The Tip
Sometimes the adverts that clutter up a wide range of interwebnet enquires are really, really useful. So fbb can only be profuse in gratitude for this helpful reminder ...
... that VXB.com can supply all his ball bearing needs.

Have they go anything that will replace a couple of creaky knees?

And A Treat For All Railway Modellers
A Japanese company will sell you a ready made narrow gauge "logging railway" complete with authentic Japanese minimalist scenery.
The level of interest might just drop after a few year's intense operation?

It is (seriously?) something to do with Zen, as the simplistic layout aids meditation.
Yes; it might do something like that; especially if you fitted automatic point change and a reverser circuit.

More Good Food
The fbbs enjoyed an evening meal yesterday from a freshly roasted joint of Tesco's topside ...
... accompanied by a "side" of fricasseed festive fall-out (OK Christmas Day leftovers nuked in the microwave!) ...
... and surprisingly tasty! This delectation was followed by a hefty hunk of Mrs fbb's pud with a reasonable lashing of double cream.
A glass of ginger wine helped the digestion process.


 Next Mystery Station Blog : Weds 28 December 

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