Saturday 5 February 2022

Saturday Variety

Newport - A P.S.

Lots of things seem to be happening in South East Wales, i.e. around Newport and Cardiff - or there are lots of kite-flying proposals. As well as the pretty little video, there is the Burns Report, NOT written as a result of ongoing conflagrations on bus or train.

It is named after its chairman Lord Burns ...
... who looks like a keen user of public transport. So His Lordship now has a "Delivery Unit" ...

... to make things happen.

Or not, as the case may be. But something is happening in March!
Mr Waters flows effusively about the scheme.
Hmmm ...

Maybe spend just a smidgen of the budget on printed timetables here and there? There was nearly a month's free bus travel leading up to Christmas 2021. fbb has seen no reports on its success. Old news,  but  maybe of interest.
The lights were lovely!
As was the chair of the council.

Ashton Vale - A P.S.
Yesterday, a public meeting was held. Bristol City Councillors were attending as was "Chris Hanson, Director Of First Bus".
He wants to sound positive! He is Operations Director.
Big boss Doug Claringbold ...
... seems to be keeping his head well down in case the "Lady in Pink" dots him one with her Zimmer Frame.  You would guess that James Freeman (former big boss) would have been up front and very personal at such a meeting!
But James did know where all the buses ran!

Reports suggest the Mr Hanson is "a good man" - so maybe he can wiggle the schedules and get Ashton Vale back some sort of proper bus service.

He should try!

It's Happening (No 1 Of A Series)
Farewell Travel Wright
There are growing signs that the bus industry is on the  verge of an implosion and, if so, we are going to see many long established companies throwing in the proverbial towel.

Travel Wright have a very posh office block and depot on Jessop Close in Newark. The company has been trading for years.
They has announced that they are closing down from the beginning of April.
They have a solid coaching business with smart well-kept vehicles ...
Buses operate on a range of services, mainly tendered, some substantial ...
... others hoppers for shoppers.
Buses are generally second hand, but, again, well presented ...
... including double decks at various times.
The fact that the present owners have been unable to find a buyer says something about the instability that faces the industry, described by some as a lemming-like precipice which will manifest itself on, appropriately, April 1st. Further explanation will feature in tomorrow's blog.

On A Happier Note
A very smart livery (from the Bus Beautifier of the Bush, of course) on Reading Buses hourly 702 from Legoland to London (and vice versa!).

On A Scary Note!
Kowloon Motorbus Company of Hong Kong, celebrates the year of the tiger with a special livery. The 116 runs from the Central bus terminus to ...
... Quarry Bay.
And there are no timetables ...
... but there is a scaleable map/
Quarry Bay looks pretty terrifying ...
... but Central bus station is the stuff of nightmares!
fbb is very much happier with Seaton sea front!

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