Sunday, 4 April 2021

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Today's service is live and ON-LINE
in the Church car park with congregation attending,
mask-less and singing the hymns!
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Railway Modelling, Weird or What?

It was a really weird looking thing.
It was largely unsuccessful and hugely expensive to develop. You would need to build a very specific layout to run it realistically - but clearly many want to own one. Sanity is safe with fbb - it would really be too big to find use at Peterville!

Back in the long-gone days of fbb's youth, Triang or Hornby Dublo would proudly introduce a new model ...
... like  Bristol Castle and its two coach GWR chocolate and cream "train set", and it would remain in the catalogue for ever, so it seemed. Production runs were huge; and how fbb coveted his own Bristol Castle; and how frustrating was it that he didn't have the readies. Plus, the model magnificence was three rail whilst the boy's was two rail.

The trend now is for short-run models to be actually manufactured (in Chine, where else!) only when sufficient pre-orders had been received to make the project viable. But exactly what is produced has gone really crazy and very expensive. In the latter category will be KRModels "Leader" as illustrated above.

Then, no sooner had retailer Hattons announced a range of four and six wheel coaches with the option of lighting ...
... than Hornby announced a range of four and six wheel coaches with the option of lighting.
Hornby have also announced that they will be producing a model of "Lion", the loco that starred in the film "The Titfield Thunderbolt" ...
... followed almost immediately by details from Rapido Trains UK of, yes you guessed it, "Lion"!
This will be part of a full set of vehicles from the film which celebrates its 70th birthday in 2023 ...
... and what a glorious film it is!
It features train-mad clerics ...
... and competition from an upstart bus company - so it is very much up to date!

What Colour Is A London Bus
For a while it was "mainly" red with a little leeway to allow companies a bit of their own identity. Then it became red and nothing else.
You are allowed to apply your company logo! Of course if Transport for London could make a lot of money, they allowed all over adverts ...
... many of which are just plug-ugly! But the East London Transit routes El1, EL2 & EL3 (to Barking Riverside etc., remember?) ...
... are multi-coloured and splodgy. Presumably folk from Becontree, Little Heath and Ilford will spot them in their respective high streets and say "Wowsers, a spodgy bus! I must go to Barking Riverside so I can ride on a bus in non-standard London livery!"


But this bus has just been repainted ...
... and now looks like this:-
It has even been given a name!
Plumstead bus garage opened in 1981 ...
... long after trams had ceased trundling around the Capital's streets, so to celebrate the depot's birthday, the bus is painted in tram livery!
It is "mainly" red!

Go North West's War Of Words.
The strike continues at Manchester's Queens Road depot and the twittering war of words also continues. Here is the latest from boss-man Nigel Featham. In case you think your eyes are going funny, please note that the little video moves each point out of focus as the next is added.
The stand-off continues.

And A "Poisson d'Avril"
Somebody at Deliveroo "en France" decided to have a bit of fun. So they sent out messages on-line confirming some substantial orders for Pizzas.
38 Pizzas at a total of 466.40 euros would be a good order indeed! But it was also a special bargain because it included 38 portions of anchovy sauce FREE.

At least one Parisian thought the jolly jape was in poor taste - like the anchovy sauce!
Elies was within two fingers of an Accident Vasculaire Cerebral!

She did not chortle chortle!

We would call it a "stroke".

A Puzzle Picture
What is this:-
Answer tomorrow.

On The Spot Sheffield Headline
Thanks to Roy from Sheffield we have a picture of a Powells bus working the BLUE tram replacement yesterday evening (a part replacement - see yesterday's blog) at its city departure point on Commercial Street just by the Fitzalan Square tram stop.
As you can see the PTE have specified a high capacity vehicle to cope with the crowds of distraught and disenfranchised tram passengers. Spot the heavy loading - the bus left soon after the picture was taken.

 Next Bank Holiday Variety blog : Monday 5th April
In his gospel, John suggests that Joseph (or Arimathea) and Nicodemus began the process of spicing and wrapping Jesus' body before burial (John would know, he was there), but perhaps because they couldn't do a proper job before the Sabbath rules proscribed even burial rites OR because the women did not know, four ladies went to the tomb on Sunday morning.
Please don't suggest that they went to the wrong tomb! That is preposterous in so many ways and not worth even considering.

The empty tomb was a FACT, not even contested by the enemies of Jesus or the authorities who thought that he was successfully removed from history!

But what did that fact actually MEAN? Many would find the biblical explanation too much to believe. At first, Mary shared those doubts.

Mary (from Magdala) stood crying outside the tomb. Then she turned around and saw Jesus standing there; but she did not realise that it was Jesus. 
“Woman, why are you crying?” Jesus asked her. “Who is it that you are looking for?”

She thought he was the gardener, so she said to him, “If you took him away, sir, tell me where you have put him, and I will go and get him.”

Jesus said to her, “Mary!”

She turned toward him and said in Hebrew, “Rabboni!” (This means “Teacher.”)

“Do not hold on to me,” Jesus told her, “I am going to Gallilee to meet my disciples."

The Resurrection is impossible. AGREE
but not impossible for God
The Resurrection is easily explained. AGREE
God did it
The Resurrection is unbelievable. AGREE
but God is the God of unbelievable things! 

The Resurrection should not be a problem. IF there is a God, a sentient being outside of our space and time (that's what it says on the tin), then he is not restricted to the physics of our universe, the physics he designed. He can do what he wants and that includes The Resurrection.
But folk back then were not in some kind of expectant euphoria. They were depressed, befuddled and utterly disappointed that the Jesus thing had not worked out. 

They were only later convinced that it HAD worked out.

That's Ongoing Easter!



  1. "IF there is a God, a sentient being outside of our space and time (that's what it says on the tin), then he is not restricted to the physics of our universe, the physics he designed. He can do what he wants and that includes The Resurrection."

    Such a lazy way to explain away what you don't know.

  2. In TfL Land, apart from the Borismasters, advertising revenue goes to operators, not TfL. There's a fixed limit on how many all-over advertising liveries are allowed.