Thursday 9 April 2020

Various Bits (two of several)

Peak District Pottiness
As well as a complete lack of "working together" in some places, there also seems to be an ourbreak of illogical thinking. IN some areas, tendered services are running normally whereas commercial routes have been slashed to a bare minimum.

Consider, for example, this little network of rural and leisure services from Sheffield via and to the "pretties"of the Peak.
On Mondays to Saturdays a reasonable network is operated by Hulleys, most of it commercially.
The Sunday service, all tendered, is operated by T M Travel
Under today's straitened circumstances, you would expect cutbacks and cut backs there have been - and how. From April 6th, Hulleys are running the 1555 from Castleton to Sheffield and a 1715 back on Monday to Friday, with nothing at all on Saturdays.

But T M Travel continue to run the normal tendered Sunday service.
Crackpot, or what?

Goodies For Geystones
Then in the big city, consider the situation at Greystones, a hilly suburb off the A625 in Sheffield.
In theory, and before the crisis, Stagecoach ran every 20 minutes to Fulwood as 83a whilst First ran every 20 to Greystones - giving a nice ten minutes headway between Ecclesfield (north of Sheffield) and the city centre. We know from previous blogs that timestable "tweaks" from both operators have made a complete dogs breakfast of this "partnership" joint service even before the Virus struck.

On Sundays the 83a does not run (never has done) so in the spirit of partnership equanimity, the half-hourly service to Greystones is shared - half each.

With the decision to operate a Sunday service all week, what has happened?

First operates an hourly service to Greystones all week with extras Mon to Sat early mornings.
Stagecoach ALSO operates an hourly service to Greystones all week with extras Monday to Saturday early mornings.
It is doubtful whether the Greystones end can justfy two buses an hour at any time under the present circumstances let alone Sundays. But because it's a "Sunday" service all week, the Fulwood area loses its 83a completely. Of course Fulwood itself has its 120, but Hallam Grange and Rustlings Road get nowt.

And Greystones gets a half hourly (ish) service on Sundays just like ore-virus!!

Is this helpful to ensure mobility for essential workers?

Or is it merely thoughtless application of "policy" drawn up sitting in front of a computer screen?

Partnership? What Partnership?

Clever Containerised Congaturlations.
fbb picked this up from a tweet and has no idea where it is; but it is a great idea.
And so say all of us!

And How Is The New Cat Settling In?
Asked a correspondent.
Just managing, but only just!

Mr Tubbles is now happy to make ingress via the cat flap, but refuses pont-blank to use the provided facility for egress. Well. why would you when the doorman and doorwoman are on hand to open the much larger cat flap nearby?

If It Wasn't For Those Pesky Viri ...
... and the frantic updating of GoTimetable Sheffield, fbb could be using his enforced incarceration to accelerate work on the rebuild of the landform atop the tunnel of Peterville Quarry Railway.

St Hardulph's Church is the first section of "village" for a rebuild. It has sat outside in all weathers and has suffered from the stupidity of being screwed down and thus a big stretch to reach for the arthritic old man.

It had become well encrusted with mould; this below being the church and the porte cochère that links it to the church hall.
Note the drooping "glass" also very encrusted"
Yuk and more yuk!
The hall building was less badly affected, but still hardly suitable to socialising and worship!
Fortunately, resin buildings and painted plastic scrub up well with the help of Fairy Liquid ...
... and one of Mrs fbb's nail brushes (withdrawn from personal use!).
Some of the "glazing" will have to be replaced, but that can wait until Peco's shop re-opens.
The lighting inside the church has deteriorated with some simply dropping to bits as the steel (?) wires to the LEDs have rusted away ...
... so that idea will need a re-think!

Each section of this tunnel-top scene will be fixed to sheets of plywood meaning that whole blocks can be removed for maintenance and repair; not sure of the exact layout of the appurtenances but it will look much better than before.
Ooh look: fbb missed a bit of mould in the top of the tower.

 More Various Bits blog : Friday 10th April 
Short Thought

Hindsight is a wonderful this; but the Jews ought not to have been surprised that he who claimed to be their Messiah was not a political or military saviour. Much of the "religion" of the Old Testament made the point very clearly.

The "Scapegoat"
He shall put both of his hands on the goat's head and confess over it all the evils, sins, and rebellions of the people of Israel, and so transfer them to the goat's head. Then the goat is to be driven off into the desert by someone appointed to do it. The goat will carry all their sins away with him into some uninhabited land.

Yep; that's where "scapegoat" comes from - the book of Leviticus.

The "Price" Of Unintentionas Sins
If it is the whole community of Israel that sins and becomes guilty of breaking one of the Lord's commands without intending to, then as soon as the sin becomes known, the community shall bring a young bull as a sin offering. They shall bring it to the Tent of the Lord's presence; the leaders of the community shall put their hands on its head, and it shall be killed there.

Something very precious, part of the community's pleasure and wealth was killed to pay the price.

And Jesus At The "Last Supper"
While they were eating, Jesus took a piece of bread, gave a prayer of thanks, broke it, and gave it to his disciples. “Take it, and eat” he said, “this is my body.” Then he took a cup, gave thanks to God, and handed it to them; and they all drank from it. 24 Jesus said, “This is my blood which is poured out for many, my blood which seals God's Covenant

The ultimate scapegoat, someone very precious is sacrificed, all the seal (to complete) The Covenant.

Wow! Heavy, man!
Last Supper - A P.S.
They didn't sit in a silly formation along one side of a long table!
They didn't sit on fancy chairs; they didn't sit on chairs at all.
They "reclined" on the floor beside a low table.
And it was a proiper meal, not just bread and wine - it was a Passover meal ...
... but packed with symbolism.

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