Sunday 23 January 2011

Confusing for the Old Bloke [a P.S.]

It gets dafter wherever you look ...

Doing a bit of work for a customer, (yes, people actually pay fbb for his consummate skills and expertise), fbb came across the following fares farce.   It concerns annual season ticket rates to Havant, a town between Portsmouth and Chichester and almost on the borders of Hampshire and West Sussex.
From Emsworth to Havant, a distance of about 1 and 7/8 miles:
Annual season ticket £368 which works out at about £1.60 per working day.
Good value, is it not?

From Bedhampton to Havant, a distance of 5/8 of a mile:
Annual season ticket £396 which works out at about £1.72 per working day.
More money for 1/3 of the distance!


The only consolation is that the distance between Bedhampton and Havant is so small that it is hard to imagine anyone wanting to make the journey regularly; but maybe...   If you do, then you are paying through the proverbial nose - move to Emsworth, it's cheaper.
So, why IS there still a station so close to Havant?   Bedhampton Halt (as it was once named) was built in 1906 and later served the nearby Royal Navy Bedhampton Camp, a "branch" of the main HMS Daedalus site at Leigh on the Solent. It remained an unstaffed halt until 1947 when housing development provided some more "real" customers.

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