Sunday 16 January 2011

Commuter Cost Comparison [a PS]

Commuter Fares ARE a Bargain! (see 15th Jan blog)

Co-incidentally "Rail" magazine has recently published comparative figures for longer distance "commuting", as follows:-

Norwich to London £29 ; Anytime return £93.10
Peterborough to London £26.20 :Anytime return £87
Bristol to London £42 : Anytime return £169
Manchester to London £53.40 : Anytime return £279

However, the sort of executive who could afford to commute from Manchester or Bristol might not be making 230 journeys a year (meetings elsewhere, foreign trips, essential golf tournaments etc.) which would reduce the discount.

In practice, hard-done-by commuters can pay as little as one fifth of the full fare charged to ordinary occasional peak-time passengers.   Super-OUCH!  or super value!

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