Thursday 6 January 2011


Follow-ups (follows-up?) to previous blogs
Sheffield Seasonal Stupidy [read again] : it would appear that certain tendered services did operate a Monday to Friday service instead of the Saturday timings advertised by the two main groups. But, these services did not operate a FULL Monday to Friday service - they stopped at approx 1900 as well.   To make matters clear (!) the services listed as NOT running were, for example, evening tendered journeys not part of the normal daytime operators' timetables.   But then they wouldn't be running after the 1900 closedown anyway.  It's all much clearer now???
Joe's Jubilant Journey (Part I) [read again] : It has been pointed out the there are stops on the "main road" about half a mile from Nasareth village, so a southbound journey towards Porthmadog might be feasible.   Well it isn't!   Connections do not "make it" to Llangadog in time form the bus to Bethlehem.

Lesley's Big Adventure [read again] : fbb met Lesley over the Christmas break - she was most anxious to convey her gratitude to the Stagecoach drivers in particular who were "astoundingly helpful"!
Seasonal Service Surprise [read again] : London Transport operates a Sunday service on "selected routes" on Boxing Day - but there appears to be no way of finding out which.
fbb and Those Maps [read again] : the super big map of Sheffield is currently being updated to include changes from 30th January 2011.
Sheffield Revisited in Despair [read again] : SYT still thinks that the service 83 and 88 terminate at Banner Cross rather than Bents Green - as shown in their Christmas and New Year leaflet.   Generally the lads don't seem to be able to cope with anything that has a loop at the end.
Shhh! Sheffield Secrecy [read again] : Most* of the next round of changes were in place on the TSY web site by 6th January - three weeks before the change (on 30th January).   Still not as good as Derbyshire who were providing their Sheffield area changes on 16th December 2010.   Neither First nor Stagecoach had offered any detail on their web site; First firmly telling us that they have no "forthcoming changes" in South Yorkshire - which is simply a porky pie!  *Most, but not the more significant changes - yet!
And, enjoy an irrelevant picture of one of Harrogate and District's superb vehicles - luxury and quality epitomised.

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