Thursday, 1 February 2018

Let's Look At Lincoln (2)

Bus Station Built Beautifully?
So, here we go again. To allow for profitable development, Lincoln's relatively modern bus station has been demolished.  Usually this means that the replacement will be too small or in the wrong place or both. But this looks a bit better.

Here is a map of the area pre-rebuild ...
... and here is a work in progress from Google.
Clearly something is happening to Norman Street and Oxford Street! A plan of the new scheme explains all.
The road is to be completely re-aligned; new development and a car park cover the old site and a former open car park. The new bus station is built nearer the railway station and partly on the site of the station car park!
Pause for blog readers to recover from such a positive development!

There is to be a "New Piazza" outside the station entrance ...
... with seven trees, according to the architect's model.

Except is didn't quite happen that way! The station car park remains, the new road doesn't run straight through the develoment ...
... the bus station is on the site of the old open car park and faces in the opposite direction!
Hey ho? You can't have everything. Presumably no Piazza either?

Well, it did indeed all kick off on Sunday 28th in its revised form. There was a rather feeble tape cutting ...
... and all was revealed to an excited travelling public. There is a posh enquiry office but no pictures showing a rack of leaflets ...
... and what looks like a more than adequate caff.
Pre-opening pics show the now usual collection of electronic gubbins ...
... including signs over the doors, presumably showing "next bus". The bigger sign will probably show a list of departures from that stand ...
... and, yes, there really IS a service 777 to Saxilby. It is run by the "independent" P C Coaches ...
... and follows a "circular (sort of)" route.
Traveline's version of the timetable manages to make it unnecessarily complicated for the passenger - so no change there!
Three beefs from the chubby one. Is there enough room for queueing passengers?
Are there enough seats?
And where will full timetables be displayed?

But there was a Brucie Brian Bonus. Stagecoach Lincolnshire was offering free "breakfast" on the opening Monday.
On the morning of Monday, January 29, Stagecoach will be offering free breakfasts to commuter customers in the Transport Hub to celebrate the launch of the Simplibus services. There will also be free morning coffee and cake for Stagecoach customers travelling after peak time.

Another Plus, there was the amazing Simplibus!
Surely this is just too much excitement for our readers, who ...
... sadly, will have to wait until tomorrow.

 Next Lincoln blog : Friday 2nd February 


  1. Don’t get too excited by Simplibus FBB. It’s basically just a renumbering of routes rather than any grand new network. The bus station cafe is very good. A real cafe and definitely not a ‘caff’. The information desk is run by Lincoln City Council not the bus operator. Hence no timetables, sad but true (although there is a new combined timetable / map leaflet which was being given out by Stagecoach staff in the concourse over the first few days).

  2. I arrived from Gainsborough at lincoln Bus Station this afternoon. Firstly the concourse isn't wide enough - it's narrow and not enough room to pass queues. And secondly the only leaflets that were available were for Stagecoach out of City routes 31, 50, 53, 56 & 100 - nothing else, fortunately the Railway Station had some Simplibus Leaflets for the City network. Very poor showing.

  3. However, to be fair, that is better than what was available on my last visit, which was precisely nothing. I had to walk "up town" to the Tourist Info Centre to pick up anything - which is miles away from any bus route except the city centre shuttle!