Thursday, 12 May 2016

Pause For Breath ... (3)

Jurassic App
First Bus has a downloadable App ...
... which has been updated to take account of the revised structure of three connecting routes which replace the original Jurassic Coaster X53.

X52 : Exeter to Lyme Regis (every TWO hours)
X53 : Lyme Regis to Weymouth (every hour)
X54 : Weymouth to Poole (every TWO hours)

The commentary that forms the bulk of the app is now split into chunks to match to route.
But it is fair to say that the challenge of doing the whole route from Exeter to Poole (or vice versa) in one day is now more difficult.

Another Ferry Interesting Very Story
Brixham Express Ltd operate an all year ferry service between Brixham and Torquay.

The custom built twin screw catamaran is suited to the beam seas of Torbay and we hope to deliver a service that can weather the east winds and swell. Travelling to work by sea, across beautiful Torbay, is a new innovative way to both start and finish your work day.

Stagecoach 33 will link with the ferry at Beacon Quay, Torquay to deliver commuters to their places of work.

Except that they don't and it isn't!

There is no Stagecoach 33 in the Torquay area ...
... and although the ferry service runs as advertised there has been no sign of the vessel highlighted on the web site.
Instead of a large catamaran, well suited to heavy seas out in the bay, the company has been running a small partially open boat.
This is less suitable if the weather is bad.
Local news stories are less than complimentary ...
... particularly as the service is being heavily subsidised by the local authorities.
The new boat exists; indeed pictures have appeared locally ...
... so why isn't it running? Whilst continuing to promote the service as if the catamaran were in operation, the company's web site has the following comment.

Brixham Express Ltd has been operating the Commuter Ferry Service across Torbay since November 2014. Brixham Express Ltd had expected a new vessel, which was in fit out at the time of commencement, to be ready for service by March /April 2015.

The vessel was launched in early March 2015, but there have been inexplicable and significant delays since then in bringing the vessel up to the required specification.  Brixham Express Ltd have been working closely with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency Marine Survey Offices in Glasgow and Belfast and final certification is expected this month. The vessel will then move to Torbay and prepare for passenger operations within the bay.

Brixham Express Ltd has lost out heavily because of this long delay – not just financially, but also in its ability to develop the service as it had planned.

However, on the positive side, Brixham Express Ltd has expended all the monies it received from Torbay council and more in the local Torbay area by creating fulltime local employment, hiring local engineers and contractors, hiring vessels for charter from local ferry companies at various times, supporting local events and charities…

It has been a most difficult start up phase but Brixham Express Ltd have already got a regular commuter base which, when the new vessel arrives, should improve greatly because of the increased capacity.


We shall see.

Partnership, What Partnership?
Today, fbb is at yet another meeting with bus high-ups in Sheffield. This time it is with the Executive Director of the PTE, to high honcho himself.
Steve joined SYPTE in November 2015 following a successful career at Liberata UK Ltd. He has a wealth of experience in both the public and private sector, having worked in a range of service areas including business improvement, customer experience and service operations. Steve led the development of Liberata's shared service operations for both customer service and back office functions and most recently led the operational delivery for the CapacityGrid suite of services.

Prior to joining Liberata, Steve spent over 20 years at BT, working with a wide range of multinational clients from the Oil, Petrochemical and Utilities markets. 

Steve has a degree in electronic engineering from the University of Kent and an MBA from Manchester Business School.

Does he know anything about buses? Maybe he doesn't need to???

Anyway, he joined the PTE just as the disasterous Sheffield Bus Partnership was being implemented and he is anxious to meet fbb, it would seem. Readers may like to guess what specific items might appear on the agenda today.

Meanwhile the Doncaster Bus Partnership starts its service revisions on Sunday (of which more tomorrow).

One thing the Partnership ought to be doing is to sort out the route numbering non-policy. Three 72s and a 72A (each direction shown separately in the list below) all operate in the Sheffield City area.
Working from top to bottom:-

The Killamarsh 72 is a Stagecoach Route

The Rotherham 72/72A is with First Bus

The Chapeltown 72 is on tender to T M Travel

All three companies are members of the Sheffield Bus Partnership! Nuff said!

And there is fourth 72 in South Yorkshire, from Doncaster to Lakeside.

 Next bus blog : Friday 13th May 

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  1. The Brixham Express was never wanted or needed. The geography requires most commuters to travel to the respective terminals (passing the very frequent No. 12 bus Stagecoach stops), park up and wait for the boat (connecting bus at Torquay now gone). There are many reasons why it is a no hoper, but the council likes doing the wrong thing faster.