Tuesday, 29 November 2022

A Truly Haupt Hauptbahnhof (2)

Growing And Growing
It was in 1840 that Munich's first railway opened to Augsburg but almost immediately the very basic and effectively temporary station at Marsfeld was too small. The above, more permanent building was constructed roughly where the present station is situated.

It was subsequently extended.
It had a substantial train shed ...
Further extension continued ...
... but, yet again, by 1903 another rebuild was necessary.
This building seemed set for longevity with further extensions being made on the side of the main trainshed.
Two "suburban" stations were added ...
...the larger on the north side servef Starnberg and the southern "annex" being mainly for trains to Holzkirchen.

Both places are now part of the S-Bahn network, at Starnberg ...
... and Holzkirchen.
Holzkirchen is the terminus of line S3 ...
... but the Starnberg Line S6 ...
... has been further extended.

But we rush ahead of ourselves. The S Bahn is, as a brand, something of a newcomer, having been developed from 1972 onwards by improving existing suburban services and linking then via City Centre tunnels.

Back to the 1903 build. The bombing of WW2 put paid to that. Most of the trainshed was destroyed ...
... and the station building was utterly obliterated.
The rebuild took time with a brand new overall roof constructed in the mid to late 1950s.
Its extent can be better sern below.
The substantial Starnberger Bahnhof is seen on the right.

It took till 1960 to create the new station building ...
... which is now being replaced by this:-
It will be great when it's finished!
When number 3 son visited by night he was impressed with the huge mezzanine floor which acts as  route from the main station to trams, U-Bahn and S-Bahn.
The signage was clear, but to a Brit unused to the level of integration and communication ...
... it was scarily empty and somewhat baffling!

Too much information?
To be concluded ...

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