Wednesday 1 December 2010

Postscript to the Whistle Blower.

Mini-blog.   Story originally blogged on November 21st.

And e-mail from Travel South Yorkshire concerning the unpublicised night services.  Apparently the reason fbb couldn't get a leaflet for these new routes was ...

... SYT aren't going to print any!   So that's all right, then!

Apparently TM Travel, the operator, is providing adequate publicity and the good news is being spread on "social networking sites".   Hmmm.

There's nothing on TM Travel's website; indeed the "route info" button produces nothing at all.   Clicking is frustratingly fruitless.

And the earlier blog referred to at least one "Facebook" mention.   Sadly, although fbb has often been described as a "twit" he is not a "twitter" user.   Various more IT literate sons may help. Watch this Space...

There is also a night club in Sheffield that is publicising the service.  Fbb can hardly wait to visit it and rave the night away!   Cool!   Whatever!   Gravy booby!

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