Wednesday 1 December 2010

House Sale

The fbbs' property (described in fbb's inimitable style??)

The official sales stuff, agents, price etc can be viewed (here)

 Master Bedroom 
Big! With sea views if you lean out on a yachtsman's trapeze.
Plenty of space for cupboards plus a fitted hanging space : for clothes not the owners, preferably.

The left hand chest covers up a bit of mucky wall paper. Should have repainted it, but we've lost the tin of the right colour, "a touch of Rodeo Drive." And the front alcove ...
... facing south so you could break through and make yourselves a little balcony on the flat bit of the ground floor roof. Or you could nip out of the window and slide down the slates, thus saving the building costs.

 No. 2 Bedroom 
Takes a double bed and is "deceptively spacious", i.e. barely enough room to swing a cat.
 Useful built-in wardrobe.
And those tempting sea glimpses again.
We'll post a better one when the sea mist, fog and blizzards have cleared; but you get the idea. You can also gaze out over the back garden with spacious lawns (well, grass and weeds), a few daffs and not much else.
But we have got  bit of decking; 'cos once, when fbb was enjoying a chillax in the sun, his chair sank in the soft tilth and the chubby one reversed gently to ground level! There's also a parasol to keep the rain off.

 No. 3 Bedroom 
Too full of junk cleared from the other two to even look at. It currently has two single beds for the grandsons when they come, but mainly for the cats. We'll post a picture of the room once we find the floor (and the cats!).

Functional but with awful pink suite.
It's got a stunning asymmetric double towel rail; actually No 3 son couldn't get two matching so the present arrangement forms an attractive feature to enjoy when "seated".

A really useful way of getting from stairs to bedroom; saves using the ladders.
The cupboard is where the hot water tank used to be. Now there isn't one. Don't worry, you won't have to endure cold showers! We've got one of those super-trendy condensing all-enclosed efficient boiler thingeys. Seems to work well and save money. 

 Hall / Dining area 
Strange design of house with a hu-u-u-ge hall. Waste of space, so we use ours for dining, breakfast, colouring, board games etc. etc. when the whole family invades;  and not forgetting our ever popular OAP Wrestling in Mud evenings . 
And, excitingly, here's a view looking the other way.
There appears to be a strange woman peering through from the kitchen. Wonder who it is?

 Lounge / Living Room 
Runs from front to back of property with three large windows; not at all like those poky multi-paned "Georgian" efforts that seem to be the fashion these days. These are windows that you can see out of, and, as fbb's old Granny used to say, with a lot less corners to clean.
There's a door out to the greensward, but we haven't built the step yet so ...
Front view, equally nice, especially of the wheelie bins. They breed in the lush climate of the Island.
You can just glimpse the adults with their little cubs (in their darker camouflage) protectively close to their parent's side.

The open fireworks.
Sorry, that should read "the open fire works". It is one of the delights of the house that you can still sit in front of a real fire, toasting the cat and then emptying the ashes and dusting the smoke grit off the furniture. But so much nicer than turning on the gas. And healthier than not lighting the gas!

As they say, "in need of some modernisation" or, more accurately, tired and tatty. But it works. We have regularly catered for two course meals for 20 guests. It doesn't look too bad on this side ...
... but best keep your eyes half closed on the other!

 No 4 Bedroom 
See No. 3 bedroom. When attacked with a JCB, makes a good small guest room (the room is small, it can be used by most sizes of guest.) Because next door are the usual offices. We'll post a picture of the room soon.

 Shower & W.C. 
One of the most exciting living experiences in the house.

 The ??? 
Next to the usual offices is, well, the usual office. Note fbb's confusers and multiple boxes of "for sorting" stuff removed from all the other rooms. We keep the washing machine and dryer in here and a small but contented herd of wildebeest. It was once the garage and could, at the drop of an up-and-over door, be returned to that purpose.

Don't laugh (or cry) ...
... you should have seen it before we started tidying up. No; perhaps you shouldn't! That green and grey thing down there is the floor; we haven't seen that for years.

And finally the "aaah" moment. Front view of fbb towers with the flowering cherry in full blossom.
Only it isn't yet; due to global warming. But the climatologists tell us it will be in early November, possibly 2014.

Seriously, folks, for two to three weeks the blossom is magnificent. It's worth buying he place just for that!


  1. No details of public transport in the area, then? Shame on you and the estate agent!