Monday 22 April 2024

Surveying Sensible Swansea ??


In yesterday's blog, fbb was pleased to recognise that First Cymru ...
... had not been tarnished by the dreaded "AI" timetables. Indeed you would be hard pressed, unless you knew, to see any evidence of First Bus in the city.
The red is very striking compared with the old days ...
... or the older days ...
... or the much older days ...
... or the very very old days.
Indeed the last bus fbb rode upon in Swansea was a dark red one trundling from the University to Mumbles Pier. He was a student at Sheffield Uni and attending a very boring National Union of Students annual conference.
The time before that it was with dad on one of these!
From fairly basic publicity after First took over from  SWT ...
... we progress to today's "Swansea" branded red-themed PDF files ...
... advertised "for download".
Does this mean printed copies are no longer available? It is not clear from on-line information and fbb will not be travelling to South Wales to find out. Please contact the old bloke ...
... if you have local information.

However, the current service 4 in Firsts's standard web site timetable format is a poor quality badly laid out version of the 4 with meaningless numbers and cluttered time points.
And it only tuns every 20 minutes. But maybe we can glean more information from elsewhere in the web site. Ot maybe there is a network maps to help us.

First Bus have an excellent network map on line ...
... bit it is dated 2017 so perhaps may not be completely reliable or accurate!

Alas, there is no full network map on-line within the current internet collection of First Cymru stuff!

fbb will investigate more tomorrow when the time constraints of yesterday will be removed and he can do a better job of exploring the wonders of First Cymru on line.

Meanwhile ...

A Puzzle
This appeared on-line with no attribution and no answers. Can you identify the London Underground stations from the visual clues given?
fbb cannot make out No 20 either! It might be a bridge?

Please Note :
Due to time pressure this blog has been abbreviated. Other preparation needed the old man's priority attention. Normality should return tomorrow.

 Next Sensible Swansea blog : Tuesday 23rd April 


  1. Andrew Kleissner22 April 2024 at 05:09

    I easily found these up-to-date maps, however I don't know if they represent all Swansea routes.

  2. Andrew Kleissner22 April 2024 at 07:44

    Me again! And I'm not 100% convinced by all the stations.
    There is no station called 9 - all stations with that name add an extra word. 18 (if I've got it right) adds two!
    11 is on the DLR.
    The writing implement in 12 is surely a pencil, not what it purports to be.
    I can't identify 20 either.

    But they are clever!
    Can't make out 14 - I think it ought to be in South Devon!

  3. 1 WaterLoo
    2 Angel
    4 Seven Siaters
    5 Bow Road
    6 Chalk Farm
    7 Elephant and Castle
    8 Bank
    9 Clapham
    10 Cockfosters
    15 Canada Water
    18 Battersea
    19 King's Cross
    20 London Bridge


  4. 16 Shepards Bush


  5. 20 is Knightsbridge
    14 is Charing Cross

    1. I thought 14 might be North(star) halt = Northolt

      3= Kilburn
      11= Island Gardens (but as Andrew says above that's DLR)
      12= Chalk Farm? (as Andrew says there's no pencil farm!)
      13= Oxford Circus?
      17 = Brixton?