Monday 15 April 2024

Mysteries Manifesting At Millsands (1)

Three Bridge Streets?

We are looking at the area below and east of "Kelham Island", the area with "Govt" and "Courts" highlighted.

If you drive, walk or use a passing rickshaw to make your way ...
 ... along West Bar past the courts (above map, just off bottom left) ...
... you come to a junction just before a city centre road called Snig Hill.
You will be turning into a road called Bridge Street.
Just a few yards further on there is a second left hand turn (white car) ...
... which is into Bridge Street!
... meanwhile, the main road - Bridge Street - goes straight on. Sounds odd.

And it is! 

There never was a direct link from Snig Hill into Bridge Street - there were just two narrow roads called Coulston Street and Newhall Street. Then the roads were re-jigged.
... (GREEN line) and the new wiggle became the third leg of Bridge Street.
Sheffield Transport used the remnants of those two narrow roads to build a little bus station called Bridge Street bus station.
The bus and the shelter on the left are actually standing in Coulston Street and the name board remained on a building just off left for many, many years. Here is a view from the bottom of the hill looking up. Coulston Street is now on the right.
Likewise the bus station remained well into PTE times ...
... with the buses on the right (edge only) standing in Coulston Street.

But if we pop back to 1851 we can see the two little roads that became Bridge Street and its bus station.
It we look at a larger area (including Bridge Street) we find there is something missing. Today's Corporation Street does not exist and is shown as an fbb added red line.
A brand new bridge over the river Don was needed ...
... a bridge crossed frequently by a student fbb on his way from Sheffield Uni to his digs at Pitsmoor courtesy of the 150 or 151 bus, later renumbered 47 and 48.
Of course, sixty years ago, it would have been a real bus, a bit like this one ...
... with a conductor, of course!

But before we come to Millsands proper, we need to visit Love Street.
It was a turn off Bridge Street and, amazingly the turn is still there ...
... but only just!
Love Street had two claims to fame. It was where Dixons made sweets!
The company was taken iver by Moxons but some of its favourites retained the Dixons name.
Not far from Dixons was a small yard, once some industrial building but later demolished ...
... and here Sheffield Transport parked a few buses between the peaks. fbb can find no pictures of the yard or identify it from old maps, so the above is just a vague suggestion of what it once looked line. 

Here is Love Street on a modern map with lots of white space.
But no matter - it has all gone as we shall see tomorrow.

The above map also shows Millsands.

Puzzle Pictures
Wagon No 3 is by Rapido at £32
Wagon No1 is by Bachmann at £24
Wagon No 2 is by Dapol at £13

Did you guess correctly?

Does it make sense?

 Next Millsands blog : Tuesday 16th April 

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