Tuesday 2 April 2024

Saga Of A small Station (2)

What is More ... Is It Dore?

Top centre is where Dore is marked. It was once a small and insignigicant village ...
... to the south west of Sheffield just off the A625.

Sadly, many of the really old properties have been either demolished od repurposed as trendy commuter homes.
But humble Dore had a pivotal role in England's history, a role dating back just under 1,200 years. The momentous event is commemorated in a plaque not far from the village centre.
Think of it! Without Dore we might, even now, be a shaky nation of FIVE United Kingdoms. Back then, however, it wasn't quit as united as King Ecgbert might have liked.
And then came Danelaw!

We come back closer to modernity. Since the beginning of omnobological time, Dore was srved by Sheffield Transpott route 50. The service was relatively stable through into the PTE times ...
... and on into privatised staff buyout as Mainline ...
... and still on to First Bus. 

The turn at Dore village is quite tight. This is the top of High Street ...
... and this is Fitst Bus powering through.
There is a right hander into Townhead Road and immediately right again.
Here is a map as you will be confused!
After grazing peacefully at the end of Leyfield Road (into which buses used to reverse!) ...
... it is back to relative normality.
Needless to say, First's reorganisation as part of the Sheffierld Bus non-Partnership brought route 81 to Dore instead of 50.
Here is the modern route map.
The railway station was (and is srill) a bit closer to Dore than it is to Totley but it still took the name of noth villages.
It was one of FOUR stations along the Sheaf Valley between Totley Tunnel and Sheffield (Midland). They were; Dore, Beauchief
Millhouses and Ecclesall,
and Heeley. Only Dore remains.

But there never has been any bus link from Dore to its eponymous station. Today's passengers might choose to walk through to the service 98 terminus at Totley Brook, especially if they are making onward journeys by train from Sheffield (Miland).

Maybe if they were going the other way - to Manchester and beyond?

And one oddity?

Whilst buses TO Dore are always service 81, buses from Dore nearly always take the 82 option. 
It makes no difference all the way cross-city to Hillsborough and is done "for operattional reasons"; i.e. First Bus cannot be bothered to get it right. "Saving a bus" in more important than providing a logical timetable.

But (at last!), tomorrow, we get to see how the little station has developed over the years. It forms an interesting comment on the vagaries of the UK's transport policy.

Meanwhile ... did you spot yesterday's "poisson d'Avril"?
Of course, trams never ran between Sheffield and Baslow!
So far, in the resurrection story, there is not the slightst evidence that anyone involved really expected Jesus to "conquer death" and rise to life.  The discples were frightned, confused, bewildered, even AMAZED ...
... by the empty tomb. But they were unable to connect that emptiness with a resurrection.

But things were beginning to change. 

Maty had stayed at the tomb and aimed to find out who ĥad moved the body of her Lord and to where.
Then she turned around and saw someone standing there; but she did not recognise who it was. “Woman, why are you crying?” he asked her. “Who is it that you are looking for?”

She thought he was the ...
... so she said to him, “If you took him away, sir, tell me where you have put him, and I will go and get him.”

Jesus said to her, “Mary!”

She turned toward him and said in Hebrew, “Rabboni!” (This means “Teacher.”)

Jesus told her, “Go to my brothers and tell them that you have seen me.”

So Mary Magdalene went and told the disciples that she had seen the Lord.

But they were still not convinced!

They remained, nervous and uncertain about anything and stayed shut up in their small private room.
 Next small station blog : Wednesday 3rd April 

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  1. FBB: buses TO Dore are always service 81.
    Unfortunately that is not the case. On Sundays, for reasons best known to FirstBus (which they are unwilling to divulge - I've asked them several times) service 82 goes to Dore, and the 81 to Millhouses, two totally different destinations. Except on Sunday evenings, when they switch back again. As a means to confuse the humble passenger, it could barely be beaten, though no doubt WorstBus are trying to devise something to do so.