Monday 8 April 2024

Monday Variety

The concluding part of the Govan/Partick ferry story will now appear tomorrow.

Hello North Yorkshire!

From Today ...

New Services linking York and North Yorkshire!​

Fron Monday 8th April, In partnership with North Yorkshire Council, we are introducing new routes:

80 Raskelf – Linton on Ouse – York

This new service will replace Reliance Service 29 with a revised timetable.

Nestled in the picturesque countryside of North Yorkshire are three delightful villages that offer a glimpse into the region's history and beauty. Benningbrough welcomes visitors with the grandeur of Beningbrough Hall, a stunning Georgian mansion surrounded by lush gardens. Take a tranquil stroll along the River Nidd for serene countryside views.

Just a short distance away is Newton on Ouse, a quaint village boasting the historic St. Michael's Church, a peaceful spot for reflection. Wander around the village green, bordered by charming cottages.

81 Malton – Castle Howard – Sheriff Hutton – York

Replacing York & Country "Castle Line" with minor timetable changes. 

Embark on a scenic journey with North Riding Service 81, starting from York Station Avenue. This bus takes you through picturesque villages and iconic landmarks, offering a glimpse into Yorkshire's rich history and stunning countryside.

Attractions along the way

Vangarde Retail & Leisure Park: Explore entertainment options like an IMAX cinema and bowling.

Sand Hutton: Once connected by the Sand Hutton Light Railway, this village has a unique transportation history.

Claxton: A tranquil village with a captivating history, offering views of Yorkshire's countryside.

Flaxton: With seven Grade II listed buildings, this village surprises with its historical charm.

Sheriff Hutton: Pass by two castles, one dating back to Norman times, and the other a favourite of Richard III and Henry VIII.

Bulmer: Stop before Castle Howard, passing through its boundary arch—a fitting entrance for our journey.

Castle Howard

82 & 83 York - Boroughbridge - Ripon

We are replacing this section of York & Country services 22/23 with minor timing changes to some journeys.

Embark on a scenic journey through North Yorkshire with East Yorkshire Buses 82 and 83. Here's what to expect:

Boroughbridge: Upon Arrival, explore the High Street, Hall Square, and the intriguing Butter Market Museum. Venture west to find the enigmatic Devil's Arrows, ancient standing stones steeped in legend.

Ripon's Charms: In Ripon, enjoy market days on Thursdays, visit Ripon Cathedral, and stroll the riverside Spa Gardens. Look up at the historic Ripon Town Hall with its nightly horn-blowing tradition.

182 Ripon – Knaresborough

York & Country 22/23 section is being replaced by new service 182 with minor timing changes.

194  Malton - Hovingham

Replacing York & Country service 194 with minor timetable changes.

Experience the picturesque North Yorkshire countryside on the 194 bus from Malton to Hovingham. Here's what to expect:

Malton: Known as the "Food Capital of Yorkshire," ...

... Malton boasts bustling markets and the Malton Museum for history buffs.

The 194 bus route is a delightful journey through North Yorkshire's history, beauty, and village charm, offering a perfect day trip for all to enjoy.

Note : from York the Coastliner is a more frequent way of getting to Malton - fbb

31X  York – Easingwold – Helmsley - Kirkbymoorside

We will be operating some journeys on this Reliance route.

31X Reliance Return tickets are accepted on North Riding Buses, and North Riding 31X return tickets will be accepted on Reliance buses.

Embark on a scenic journey through North Yorkshire's countryside with the 31X bus route from York to Kirkbymoorside. Starting in historic York, the route winds through charming villages like Easingwold and Huby, each offering glimpses of Georgian architecture and picturesque landscapes.

Arriving in Helmsley, a bustling market town and gateway to the North York Moors National Park, visitors can explore the ruins of Helmsley Castle and the peaceful Helmsley Walled Garden.

The final stop is Kirkbymoorside, a historic market town with a picturesque square and All Saints' Church, showcasing Saxon and Norman architecture. From here, the North York Moors beckon with their sweeping moorlands and ancient forests.

The 31X bus route is a delightful way to immerse yourself in North Yorkshire's history and natural beauty. It is perfect for a day trip to explore the region's diverse landscapes and heritage.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!

The above is a slightly reduced extract from East Yorkshire's on-line publicity for their new North Yorkshire network, won, on tender from Reliance (independent) and York and Country - part of the Transdev "Coastliner" business.

GoAhead is definitely goingg ahead in North Yorkshire.

There is even a printed bus timetable!
fbb wonders who designed it!
Maybe the Bearded Bus Beautifier from the Bush, a k a the well-known Mr Modesty!

Further details of the timetables;es with proper maps will be included in tomorrow's variety blog.

But, put it all together and you have a superb example of how bus publicity should be done. First,  Stagecoach and Arriva, watch and learn!

The buses are "done up" as well.
First, Stagecoach and Arriva, watch and learn!

Talking Of Publicity

The new more frequent Sheffield Connect routes also start today. Roy from Sheffield has sent some pictures. He says goodbye to the white minibuses with fares paid by some.
The new buses are green ...
... and free for ALL passengers.
Roadside publicity is good and attractive ...
... but correspondent Roy points out that the route numbers are NOT shown on the map ...
... although they do appear on the bus stop flags.
Departure lists are shown at each stop but not timetables as is usual in South Yorkshire. In fact, as far as fbb is aware, there are no printed timetables or maps available anywhere.


Here is a sample SC1 list at Church Street ...
,,, SC2 in Pond Street ...
... and at Cumberland Street Moorfoot where both routes stop. (shown below in two chunks!
It is, perhaps, a little unfortunate that the two routes are printed in the same colour.

 Next Variety blog : Tuesday 9th April .

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