Sunday 7 April 2024

Sunday (Not Much) Variety

Harlow's M25 Airport Circular?

It would be possible to conceive of the bus route from Heathrow to Harlow (Arriva 724) ...
... being extended to Stansted Airport.
But what about Harlow to Stansted via Heathrow? Surely that would involve a full circuit of the M25. Yet correspondent Keith (Remember? "Mr K" who commissioned maps from fbb for his book?) spotted a destination which might have suggested that such a route was operated by Arriva.
fbb was intrigued, but noted that the "airport" name was written as two words. Could there be another place of similar name. fbb remembers demonstrating the Xephos journey planner by finding a journey from Moscow to New York and one from Splott to Splatt.

We do have weird names in the UK.

Mt K suggested that fbb looked at Bishops Stortford for "a suburb".

A look at Arriva's timetable ...
... showed no such location. Even Hertfordshire, usually better at things than the bus companies, could offer much the same.
Nothing there! What about Traveline?
fbb searched in vain. It looked as if Arriva had invented an Airport sounding name which simply did not exist as a "proper" location. But why put something on the "blind" which does not appear anywhere else on anybody's timetable.

What about maps? Google failed to find any two word place, insisting that fbb wanted the real Airport to the west of London town.
Each stop at that Heathrow was offered to the chubby one!
Or maybe Street Map ...
... or even Open Street Map?
The plot thickens.

Was it an April Fools spoof? Mr K assured fbb that the display was genuine and who is fbb to challenge the wit of a star omnibology author like Mr K?

fbb tried Hertfordshire's route map for the 509 ...
... but gave up in disgust and frustration! Actually it was shown (sort of) on Hertfordshire's network map, but fbb failed to find it! So, retrospectively Herts does deserve at least one grudgingly given chocolate peanut.

In the end a request for a postcode for Heath Row revealed a Bishops Stortford option, so armed with this, fbb returned to Google Maps.
And there it was. The "basket handle" piece of road can be spotted on all reasonably latge scale maps ...
... complete with Road Name.
Whether the "road" has given its name to the whole estate, fbb know's not.

But, surely, if it is considered important enough to show on a "blind" it should then appear as a point time and at least one of the stops should be named "Heath Row Bishops Stortford".

Looks quite a nice place?
It has a sweet shopping parade at one end of the semi-circular road.
As a road name, it does appear on the Hertfordshire's network map, initially missed by fbb ...
... slacker!

Public Transport Information is such fun!

Govan To Partick - Ferry Interesting
An unusual chain ferry operated for some time ...
... carrying carts, carriages and pedestrians, and later motor cars. It would appear that this was replace with a service of steamer ferries.
The odd shape is because the deck could be raised and lowered to allow vehicles to cope with the tides. With the opening of the road tunnel nearby and the Kingston Bridge, the service became passenger only but was soon withdrawn completely.
A Summer service has run from time to time ...
... to provide a link to the Riverside Museum.
The Riverside Museum is the first purpose-built museum created by Glasgow Life in the 21st century. Located at the junction of the Rivers Kelvin and Clyde, it houses the city’s fabulous transport and technology collections, which have been gathered over the centuries and reflect the important part Glasgow has played in the world through its contributions to heavy industries like shipbuilding, train manufacturing and engineering.

The museum was designed by internationally renowned architect, Dame Zaha Hadid. It opened in 2011 after a four-year build, with over 3,000 objects from the city's world-famous collections displayed inside.

Soon the cross river link will be via a brand new footbridge.

To be continued.
We come to the end of our review of the real Easter. The most important Christian Festival has been demoted to a few almost forgotten symbols. In Europe, Easter happens at Spring, so fluffy bunnies, eggs and daffs do have a minimalist link to New Life which should be a reminder of the New Life in Jesus ...

... But, sadly for most, it isn't.

The first Easter is history, although some will challenge the miracle of the resurrection. But, once again, if God is real then then miraculous becomes reality.

Here is a recreation of some of the resurrection events presented as a "stop motion" cartoon. It is very accurate.
There is nothing wrong with having doubts BUT ...

In 2000 years no alternative explanation has been offered which fits the recorded facts. There has been plenty of weak theories in recent times.

Abd if you wanted to kill a possible resurrection lie all you would have to do is produce Jesus body.  Nobody did or even tried to ...
... because it wasn't there!

He is risen!!
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