Tuesday 28 March 2023

New Or Retro : Budapest Metro (1)

But First, A First Correction

Thanks to Roger French, fbb must eat his pastry and umbles once again.
On Monday fbb wrote ...
As you can see, there is a map of the revised First Bus network in Slough. Perhaps it would have been less controversial to say that fbb couldn't find a new map. But looking in the obvious place on the web site - under "network maps" ...
... The old map is still in place, correctly as the change doesn't happen until Monday 3rd April. fbb still cannot find the new one.

Old Station? - New Metro!
On Saturday, fbb took you, virtually, to the southern terminus of Budapest tram 19 and found a tatty old railway station at the terminus.
"Seen better days" is the most polite description of this superb station building.
Things are even more depressing on the platform side.
But there are other pictures on-line, also purporting to be Kelenfold station.
No, that's Kelenfold Power Station! But this is more like it!
Is this the main entrance?
And we have the terminus of Metro line 4.

Vasutallomas is Hungarian for railway station. So the Metro station is at the railway station. (Its a bit Elizabeth Line line!) And the train map shows lots of railway lines at the vasutallomas.
Curiouser and curiouser? To compound the mystery, there is also a taxi rank and a substantial bus station outside the decaying station building.
But there's another bus station ...
... and another bus station ...
... and another tram terminus.
This is for line 1 ...
... which, you may remember, shared a northern terminus with line 19 etc.
They meet up again.

How does it all fit together?

Maybe the clue lies in the Line 4 Metro station which is definitely underground.
Time for fbb ...

a flippe ut

But he may well "flippe in" in time for tomorrow's Part 2!

 Next Budapest Metro blog : Wednesday 29th March 

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  1. The new Slough map is, not unreasonably, in the "News and Service Updates" section of the First website: https://www.firstbus.co.uk/sites/default/files/public/node_images/Slough%20-%20Network%20map%20-%20April%202023.pdf