Monday 20 March 2023

Macclesfield Matters (1)

But First, A Heartease P.S.

fbb included the above on-line snap of a bus going to Heartsease (in Norwich) without having his brain switched on. Look at that registration, ABD 73X! Said bus was bought new by Northampton Corporation Transport when it looked like this:-
... seen peeping in to a bigger montage, in the Drapery. It later gained an extra mini stripe
By way of a reprimand, Northampton correspondent Alan send a snap of its sibling, fleet number 75.
Was that "coach" livery? These Bristol VRs were delivered well after fbb emigrated from Little Billing to big Sheffield. He did ride on one or two on occasional "visits home"

Macclesfield - It's Complicated!
You can be 100% certain that when a character in a film, TV drama, TV "soap", crime thriller or Teletubbies episode says "It's complicated", the viewer is in for a tortuous and lengthy episode of sexual and emotional anguish. Above is Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin from a film of the same title.
So there is Macclesfield in Cheshire, more accurately in unitary Cheshire East. To fbb, Macclesfield always feels as if its should be in Derbyshire, or even Greater Manchester, but don't tell its populace. fbb remembers the "pitchforks at dawn" response when addresses in Sale were to be changed to "Manchester" rather than "Ches"! 

But here it is on a map of Cheshire.
Historically it was a textile town, but now textiles are joined by general light engineering and AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals.
The town has some fine ecclesiastical buildings ...
... an imposing Town Hall (weren't they all?) ...
... and not forgetting the Armoury Towers!
The need for the construction of barracks followed the raising of the 2nd Royal Cheshire Militia, recruiting in the eastern part of the county . In October 1857 the Cheshire Quarter sessions passed a resolution that "...barracks for the 2nd Regiment of Cheshire Militia be erected in some part of the eastern division of the county." Initially, Stockport was favoured, but a decision to purchase land in Macclesfield was made in January 1858, against the objections of the Mayor and Corporation of the town. 
The 4th Battalion (2nd Royal Cheshire Regiment of Militia), The Cheshire Regiment was disbanded in 1908 and building was decommissioned and converted for residential use in the 1980s.

Its "traditional" railway station, Macclesfield Central, looks peaceful BUT ...
...  its approaches were used as the market; general stalls and cattle all available on certain days. Ideal to while away the time waiting for your late-running train.
Like fbb, you did wonder what those sections of railing in the "empty" picture were used for.

The old station was expunged in 1961 and a new modern replacement built on roughly the same site, for the electric.
It was later improved with the addition of a new footbridge with lifts.
The line carries the direct (i.e. not via Crewe) Avanti service from London ...
... and a local service from Manchester.
This stopping service to Macclesfield from the 1960s ...
... now goes no further than Rose Hill ...
... and trains no longer reach Hayfield.

Not far from the railway station was the bus station.
This picture is captioned "North Western" bus station. The North Western Road Car Company was the dominant operator in and around Macclesfield. 
Note the "wrong side" loading at the stand near the enquiry office building in the bus station photo above.

Here is a typical NWRCC single decker departing.
So what is this typical NWRCC double becker in a similar location doing - painted green?
In case you thought fbb was cheating, here is a similar bus, same distinctive blind layout, but in standard North Western red and cream.
And in case you wondered again, it is nothing to do with the National Bus Company's "two colours fits all' red/green livery policy.

As they say, it's complicated!

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