Tuesday 19 February 2013

Plain Plane Provision from Brizzle? [part 4]

See yesterday's blog (read again).

One week earlier than the Bath Bus Company's A4, First Cymru (centred on Swansea) extends its Greyhound Service to run from Swansea and Cardiff to Bristol and the Airport ...
... with a stop at the University of the West of England's huge Frenchay campus en route from the Severn Bridge into the City.
Whilst the original concept of the UK version of USA's iconic brand was put out of its misery in late 2012, the former hourly (route number 100) Shuttle ...
... between Cardiff and Swansea had adopted the name and the vehicles. It is this route that has been extended every two hours. At "busy" flight times there are coaches every hour and night time journeys are also available.
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Needlesss to say this timetable (available in full here) is not published on the "Greyhound" web site OR available from First Bristol's pages; it would never "do" to promote another company's service, now would it; even if it is the same from the same operating group! fbb discovered his version from Traveline Cymru which have a "news headlines" section.

It will be fascinating to see whether this offering will be more successful that the fondly remembered originals as previous blogged by fbb. See "Publicity Hazard : Pont Hafren [3]" (read again)

So, how are the airport authorities responding to this expansion of public transport? Answer, they are building a bus interchange. But where?
Answer; here on the roof of a car park block. So instead of alighting from your coach right outside the terminal building as at present ...
... the new system will ensure that you have to drag your luggage and yourself through seemingly endless tunnels and walkways. Is this an improvement?

And there's more!

The longer-term proposal is that airport journeys to the centre of Bristol will be routed via the new Bus Rapid Transit [BRT] system as indicated on this map.
Your airport superbus would join the dedicated trackway near long Ashton park and ride site (yellow blob, bottom left) and offer you a full circular tour of Bristol centre. A more detailed map shows that the stop for Temple Meads station would be here ...
... on Temple Way. Swing your gaze through about 120 degrees to the right ...
... and you can see your luggage laden route of convenience to the station (cream sandstone, beyond the bus). Such is progress!

Bristol's new Mayor has flourished his red trousers and told his minions in the Council House to think again. The whole BRT proposal is under review, not just because of buses from the airport but because of its unacceptable route through the city. Apparently his mayorship doesn't like the idea of long BRT type buses clogging up this narrow bridge ...
... and, you have to agree, he's got a good point! Even if it could be strengthened, or, heaven forfend, rebuilt, it would be a significant source of traffic cloggage. Of course, the vehicles could be routed via Temple Meads station. What a good idea? Bristolians (and fbb) await with considerable interest news of the progress of the various BRT projects and, of course, the chubby one will report as appropriate. But don't hold your breath!
from yesterday:-
Aéroport de Bristol = obvious!
Canne = cane (Keyn) : du toc = Sham
Gué = Ford : de Sel = Salt
La Baignoire = Bath
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  1. Bristol Airport has kept the news of the new bus interchange quiet, nothing on the website that I can see. As you say, instead of a short trundle to and from the terminal, this trek will add quite a time to what is a speedy and efficient journey from Bristol Centre. Presumably it is too late to stop this ill-conceived development?

    1. There is something on the Bristol Airport website. To find it, you have to ignore the obvious links on the home page - instead, click on "About us" at the very top of the page. Then go to "Planning and development".
      As I read it, the rooftop interchange will also be the pick-up/drop-off point for cars. So all passengers will be able to enjoy a brisk walk to the terminal building, not just those arriving by bus.