Sunday 17 March 2024

Sunday Variety

Selling A Bus Service 

Mr Palmer runs a good range of buses in Bedfordshire. The vehicles look smart ...
... and the operation has a good reputation locally. One of its routes uses the Luton Busway.
Here is an extract from their service C which runs approx half hourly.
So Grant has made a promotional video suggesting, with some justification, that hus route C via the busway is faster than a motorbike on the parallel toads.  Here os a map pf the route (split into two for legibility.

From Dunstable
To Luton
Here is said video.
Nice One Cyril Grant!

Selling a bus service; now th kiere's a novel idea. You could print leaflets, put up posters, provide good quality maps and have a well-staffed and friendly travel office in "main traffic hubs". Now there is a good plan for selling your product, viz a bus ride.

Maybe some other companies will take up the idea?

Oh yes; you could have a staffed telephone line as well.

Ukraine's Trains Helped By Spain's

In the early days of the Wat we were all saddened by the pictures of Ukrainians fleeing from the onslaught. The efforts of the railway system to ensure a safe and speedy exit became legendary.

But Ukraine does have a problem with its trains.
Whilst a few cross-border links (mainly for passenger trains) are to the standard gauge of 1.435 meters (4 foot 8.5 inches), the majority of lines are to the Russian gauge of 1.520 metres (five feet in real money). Changing wheel sets at the borders with EU is currently slow and inefficient. Freight trains are needed to be slick especially when carrying wartime needs IN or essential money making exports OUT.

One expensive solution is to build new standard gauge lines.
But another answer is to create gauge changing technology at the borders so trains do not have to stop.
Once in place this will make a huge contribution to Ukraine's;s war effort and its economy in general.
For those unfamiliar with the clever stuff, Many of Spain's Talgo express trains ...
... can change gauge at the border without stopping. 

Here is a visual of how it happens. Effectively, the rails push the wheels along their axles to change their distance apart. A locking mechanism ensures they ONLY change at the special track, not arbitrarily as they whizz aling ay high speed!
Clever folks, these Spanish guys and gals.

Looking Better : More to Come

Remember that oddly shaped piece of white plastic. It was designed to hold the camping bus and the Nissen hut holiday let; a group which crosses a gap between two pieces of tunnel. Both tunnel sections need to be removable, BUT the two "buildings" share a circuit of lights.

Trees are now fixed along the back "wall" of the base whilst the two architectural creations sit om the white base,

Some extra landscaping is still needed plud a few fences to stop hapoy holidaymakers plunging to their death down the chalk cliffs of Peterville.
There are a few gaps to fill and a few wires to hide. But the whole unit lifts off as one lump.

Fluffy Bunnies, Daffodils & Chocolate?


There is a very tenuous link between the above picture and the "festival" called "Easter", but it is rarely promulgated. In this blog's traditional annual "review" of the real Easter, we may possibly spot that all but forgotten link.

So for a couple of weeks, the fbbs will be sharing the Easter quiz puzzles that will be appearing on their seasonal leaflet.

Here is your starter for ten! (click on the graphic to enlarge)

All you have to do is to complete the missing words. You need a clue? One is a domesticated animal and one a fruit conserve. Easy peasy! Later quizlets might be more tricky!

Explanation tomorrow!

 Next Book Review blog : Monday 18th March 

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