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Hulley's Hapless Home Truth (3)

Dateline 2012

It was actually as recently as 2012 that Stagecoach replaced First Bus (now route 49 not 26) from Killamarsh to Sheffield by diverting and extending their route 71.
The Supertram link SL3 arrived and First still had a presence with thei 27 from Rotherham. A service 70 (also from Chesterfield) gave two buses an hour from there to Killamarsh. The above are fbb diagrams made at the time.

Below, we have extracts from the PTE map

Route 71 (LIGHT BLUE) followed the traditional Killamarsh service route via Mansfield Road into Sheffield.
It was very obvious that the SL3 (LIGHT BROWN) ...
... was a duffer. fbb took two journeys on the route way back, and in both he was the only passenger. Part of the problem was experienced by fbb. He alighted from his tram and set off down the road to the bus stop. As he was halfway there the SL3 left. Likewise in the reverse direction, the tram left just at the bus was pulling to a halt.

And Decline - On To 2015

The every ten minute SL3 was replaced by a new 72 that ran every 20 minutes. 
Needless to say the 72 still ran empty most of the time.

With the 72 failing as badly, if not worse than the SL3, Stagecoach came up with another brilliant plan to encourage passengers. Reduce the 72 to hourly! Not only that, but the planners covered the 72 between Killamarsh and the tram by diverting the 71 and taking it into Sheffield via Crystal Peaks and the "fast" (but not at peaks) Parkway.
A few occasional 71 journeys remained at peaks and on Sundays via Mansfield Road (Intake on the above map). During this whole process there were lots of bits and pieces of evening and peak variants with fairly incomprehensible maps. fbb does not expect his readers to try to understand them ...
... but merely marvel at how well such a hotch-poitch would serve as an encouragement to passengers.
The above is a comprehensive Derbyshire map with 26/26A, 74 and X30 added to the joy of navigating Killamarsh.

But the core service of two buses an hour from Chesterfield (Monday to Saturday daytime) remained, now numbered 70 and 72 with 71 used for the buses via Mansfield Road..
According to Stagecoach, more passengers voted with their feet and the most recent Stagecoach timetable is for one bus an hour but renumbered to 80. 80a replaces 71. Keep up at the back, there.

Withdrawal and Rescue
After years of change and mess, it really came as no surprise to hear that Stagecoach would be withdrawing the 80/80a from the end of October 2023. And they did!
There was the usual outcry. Why can't Stagecoach keep running the 80 at a loss in order to help the old people, schoolchildren, disabled, shoppers for Crystal Peaks, shoppers for Chesterfield market, commuters and Elsie Miggins who likes going for a bus ride?

But, fear not Elsie at al; in rides the White Knight ...
... in the form of Hulleys of Baslow; not on a white charger but in ...
... a smart single decker.
The buses run through on to Hulleys tendered route to Holymoorside and are presented with the 170 to Bakewell.
This seems an odd decision as there are ony two point times at Brampton that both routes share.

Not also that buses no longer run through to Sheffield, now terminating at the wondrous Crystal Peaks shopping centre. There are plenty of trams and buses into the city but, obviously, it increases the cost and adds to the inconvenience.

But all is not well with the 80. And so Hulleys announce ...
And there is lots more but fbb will only add one paragraph.
Whilst you have to applaud Hulleys for trying, you do sometimes wonder whether Stagecoach were right to give up because thy saw no signs of a likely improvement.

Will a replacement be tendered by Derbyshire?
Although there are lots of "bits and pieces" bus services in Killamarsh, the 80 is the only route to Chesterfiield via Spinkhill and Renishaw; and it has the last dregs of a connection to Sheffield.

Something will be needed, surely?
At the end if the parable of the tenants in the vineyard Jesus asked a question (blue text).
The answer was simply that, as the tenants had taken the owner's PROPERTY and his son, the owner would return and "kill those tenants and hand the vineyard over to others"; surely a major hint that the corrupt and failed religion of the day would be renewed and replaced by Jesus and offered to the whole world not just God's special people from history.

The next Chapter in Mark's Gospel fulfills that idea, quite scarily.
Again it offers another hint as to the real purpose of Christ's death.

Maybe the idea of being washed by a water pipe might be a good illustration?
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