Saturday 30 March 2024

Saturday Variety

A Plethora Of Pee Esses

Lumo to Glasgow as well as an extra train from Kings Cross to Newcastle is included in the mix. Seen here being promoted by the delicate and slight figures of  Newcastle Thunder, the local Rugby League team.

East Yorkshire Printed Publicity
Above is a display from within the coffee shop at Scarborough station; East Yorkshire routes are available. Blog readers might like to send fbb any examples (with picture, please) of good timetable racks at railway stations.

City Clpper Resurrection
(A good day to look forward to a Resurrection!) Recently fbb mentioned a lack of maps and timetables for the substantially upgraded Sheffield Connect service - now two routes. The original ...
... has gained a small extra twiddle around Sheffield City Hall ...
... and now runs every 7/8 minutes. It is now labelled SC1. Like its predecessor, it cycles in an anti clockwise manner.
The new SC2 ...
... runs clockwise, although the lump via Moor Market (lower left) still circles on the sensible side of the road for access to the Moor shops. The frequency, however ...
... is a measly every 20 minutes. To attract passengers, routes like this need to be much more frequent. Many trips can be walked faster than waiting for the next bus!

The green livery (The Bearded Bus Beautifier from The Bush rides again?) seems strangely familiar.
Someone must have brought a job lot of bright green paint. "Hop" is the same colour in Leicester.

Starlight Express
What may be unclear to those of fbb's readers who are not enthusiasts for the world of Musical Theatre, is that the "participants" are playing the part of trains (realistic make-up?) and chuff at high speed arounf pseudo "tracks" which circle the auditorium as well as the stage. (as a real train would do - NOT).

The "trains" also leap over obstacles, a skill, were it available to Notwork Rail, would make engineering work so much easier!
The show is loud, fast and exciting. (fbb has never been - too expensive).

As part of the promo for the original production (approx 40 years ago) one theatre goer (now no longer with us) called Lilibet, went to see the show. She was presented with a toy train in "Starlight Express" livery by none other than the boss of Hornby at the time.
Apparently Lilibet and hubby Phil bought an oval of track and a controller and played with it for a while on the floor of their flat close to Victoria Station.
The staff had to take the toys away from the couple as Lilibet couldn't work the controller and Phil sent the loco round too fast and it came off at the corners and damaged the gold leaf on thr fixtures and fittings!

But look what Hornby have just announced to celebrate the revival ...

... of the show!
fbb can find no pictures or news reports of that original layout. But ...

... Hornby have revived a loco model like that presented to the bickering couple. It is a Battle of Britain class loco of the Southern Railway, later the Southern Region; and ...
... it looks absolutely awful. The great Oliver Bulleid, who designed the real life loco will be turning in his grave very rapidly indeed! Here is what it should look like.
HH Tours : HH Coaches
The company operates coach tours in a fearsome country north of Hadrian's Wall and uses images that frighten local inhabitants and visitors alike to promote its ethnic delights.
What is harder to discover is who, exactly, HH is! 
Hamish Hogganfield might be a possibility. But one of the company's latest contractors has let the Scottish ugly shaped animal out of the bag.
The coach company is named after the rarer hirtsuit variety as in the article below.
And it is not yet April 1st!


No legal case could be made against Jesus, but to protect his posterior, Pontius Pilate washed his hands of any legality  and, almost as an aside condemned him to a crucifixion.
After undue haste the body was taken to a tomb and sealed therein. Saturday was the Sabbath and no work, not even the respectful burial of a once-popular teacher, could be tackled. That would have to wait until Sunday morning.
They weren't really expecting any trouble on the Sabbath but Pilate desperately wanted to keep things quiet. His job as Governor depended on maintaining order - a challenge at the Passover when Jerusalem was backed solid with Temple tourists.

Termination is what was wanted and Termination it would be. Guards would be an insurance policy.

A meaningful display at Kilmington Baptist Church yesterday.
 Next Sunday Variety : 31st March 

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