Monday 18 March 2024

A Gift From A Celeb (1)

A Sheffield Bus Book

This is a prequel to a similar book on the privatised South Yorkshure PTE, the Mainlne years. Today's book covers the PTE era fom 1973 to privatisation in 1986.

fbb was resident in Sheffield until 1984, so much of this time sits somewhat shakily in the old man's Leedle Grey Cells. 

But, as ever, fbb's interest has always been bus routes and the operation thereof (fares, timetable and route maps) but this book is mostly written from an "engineering" point of view.

But step back a pace or two. It was an email from Roger French that drew fbb's attention to this fascinating volume. The Rog email saud, "they sent be a copy which I have read and I thought you might like it."

Of course!

The chapters all have enigmatic titles ...
... but cover the PTE year by year. In a way, this makes following events and developments a but messy, so fbb has gleaned a few sample recurring themes as part of this review.

One on-going topic is the PTE's somewhat unconventional livery, hence the book's title "Shades of Brown and Cream".

The colour of brown was officially called "coffee" ...
... with experimental "weak coffee" on the left. Three "motorway" coaches show two different PTE liveries against the far superior Sheffield Transport blue and cream.
Black coffee (dark chocolate?) appeared ...
... some double deckers with a full chocolate bottom.
Weirdly, deep red in a different arrangement ...
... was tried but was never taken any further.

On a more serious note, there were experiments with electric vehicles ...
... of various types ...
... including a few hundred feet of trolleybus!
And how can we forget the left hand drive bendybus giving jolly rides from the bus station.
The PTE was a pioneer of "kneeling" buses.
... and, not pictured, the famous (?) Sheffield split step; now superseded by low floor vehicles.

As well as livery, the PTE struggled with an effective logo. The first attempt was purportedly drawn by the General Manager's grandson with his first set of Christmas felt tip pens.
It is a good thing Ray Stenning never saw it! There is a very minor error in the book. The author's picture is of an "alternative logo" ...
... but it was actually the County's suggested logo with the PTE name encircling the green SY leaves on the Yorkshire white rose. It appeared near the door of some buses in addition to the adopted SY logo on brown.

Even that had two versions.
Actual, the newer logo and the darker coffee was far better all round, but it did not last long as we shall see in tomorrow's part 2.

Yesterday's word puzzle was ludicrously easy! 

But where does the Easter story really begin, That's a toughie. Theologically it starts with Adam and Eve's disobedience in the Garden of Eden and continues throughout the whole of the Old Testament. But fbb will start with the Transfiguration.

Jesus took disciples PETER, JAMES and John up the hill and appeared in "Divine" form. Some critics may comment adversely on this incident but they shouldn't. IF there is a God, he is genuinely Super-human (beyond human). This incident is, obviously, super human.

And there's more! How would YOU react to some "happening" like this.

Another weird title; and the highlighted word is "not wrong"! But the sentiment of the whole word is notably appropriate!

And Tabernacles?

 Next Brown and Cream blog : Tuesday 19th March 

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