Tuesday 12 December 2023

The Good, The Bad ...

 ... And The Plain Ugly!

 L ovely
 L eaflet OR
 L augh out
 L oud!

Coach Services of Thetford hit the headlines a while back with thei adoption of services between Thetford and Bury St Edmnds ...
... operated by smart branded buses.
Started just a week ago is another beauty ...
... with an excellent PRINTED leaflet.
The service offers five journeys each way for six days a week ...
... and, according to East Anglia expert Keith Shayshutt, is the first ever proper bus service between Thetford and Norwich. Before service 90, the only regular through service was by train with two journeys each hour taking about 30 minutes.
One of the two starts from Cambridge and the rest of the intermediate stops have a very parlous service indeed.

The maps onythe 90 leaflet include local detailed enlargements of Thetford ...
... Attleborough ...
... and Norwich.
First Bus operates a route 13 to Attleborough ...
First also runs to Wymondham ...
...  situated between Attleborough and Norwich. The set of routes is hugely complex.
But the new 90 does not serve Wymondham,
The 90 runs non stop from Attleborough's Norwich Road to the Cringleford Interchange where buses are available to Hospitals and University in Norwich.

From a Very "Good" To - Erm - Arriva
The 724 is (or, more correctly, was) a prestigious bus route running from Harlow via Watford to Heathrow. It used to be branded Green Line, but Arriva's enthusiasm for the brand it owns is now negligible.

But, at least the new timetable in the West Herts and Watford booklets looks smart and enticing.
The above, is, of course, the revised service from 7th January. The current timetable from Arriva's web site is the usual Arriva rubbish ...
...with unnecessarily tight connections that are utterly fake.

But the good news is that the Arriva web site also hints at change ...
... and goes on to explain the change.

Also from 7th January our 724 service will run to a revised hourly timetable Monday to Saturday with additional evening and overnight journeys.  These trips are provided with support from Heathrow Airport as part of their ongoing commitment to greener travel solutions. 

All this means there will be four buses per hour between Hertford & Welwyn Garden City, three between Hertford and the QE2 Hospital.

Click here for 724 timetable

And click away keen enquirer and this is what you get. It is too wide to fit on the blog page, but you may well get the idea.
... and it continues to the right.
And, according to Arriva, THAT'S IT!! According to Arriva the above is the whole seven days a week timetable in both directions.

Of course it isn't. Correspondent Katie, who blew the whistle for fbb, thinks it may be the Sunday service in one direction only,

Katie had, sort of, accused fbb of being "enthusiastic" about Arriva. 

Very much not so.

fbb was lacking in any serious belief that the new timetable presentation of, e,g, the 724, might presage an improvement in Arriva's attitude to its few remaining customers. 

The rubbish above will soon get rid of a few more, and shows an utter contempt for good bus business.

LOL - Laugh Out Loud!

The period of the Kings post Solomon was the worst possible news for God's Chosen People who had, in turn, chosen to reject God's standards. The two split kingdoms staggered on for a few generations until in 720BC the Assyrians marched south and obliterated the Northern "half".
The picture is woefully inaccurate but the defeat is recorded in Assyrian tablets as well as in the Bible. The poet Byron offers a frightening description of the utter destruction.

The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold,
And his cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold;
And the sheen of their spears was like stars on the sea,
When the blue wave rolls nightly on deep Galilee.

The Southern "half" escaped miraculously because the King, Hezekiah, sought the help of God and his prophet Isaiah. Also well recorded in the Bible, was the uncharacteristic withdrawal of the Assyrians, leaving the areas round Jerusalem untouched.

But they did not escape in the long term.

 L oss and
 L amentation

In 587 BC it was the Babylonians who came hell-bent (literally??) on annihilation They destroyed Jerusalem including God's Holy Temple ...
... whilst taking the fit an useful back to Babylon and into exile.

All gone! No Promised Land! God had abandoned them to their sinful fate. Or had he?

No wonder they sang songs of  lamentation beside the rivers of Babylon. The original words of this song come from Psalm 19 in the Bible.

There seemed to be very little hope.

Any parallels for today?
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  1. I hope that the potential customers of Arriva route 724 understand the 32 hour clock. It may have to be used for computerised shedules to avoid confusing the computer with duplicated times but it should be edited before publication.

  2. The question I always ask about printed leaflets is: where does one get hold of them, especially with the closure of many TICs and Enquiry Offices. Just making them available on the specific services seems a bit pointless.