Monday 4 December 2023

Take-Over News

A Bit Of A Surprise

We are well used to the multiplicity of manipulations in the big bad world of bus business. Recently we have seen the dramatic expansion of McGills and, on a smaller scale, the purchase of Ensign by First Bus and, perhaps a bit weirder, the take-over of Dartline by GoAhead. 

Is the breaking news from Baslow the beginning of a rare small compan expansion into the big time?
 D ramatic
 D erbyshire
 D ecision
News broke yesterday that Hulleys ...
... respected Derbyshire operator, had bought GoCoach based in Swanley (Kent) but mainly operating buses out of Sevenoaks bus station.

Once the home of London's green "Country" buses ...
... then successor company Arriva ...
... the rather dowdy bus station has been transformed by GoCoach signage and general upfettling.
The yellow and blue livery has helped as have new and clear bus stop flags. There is a good network map on display ...
... and the company has a good local reputation for innovation, reliability and good customer servicer.

So, as they say at the climax of all the best "soaps", "what's going in?

The owner of GoCoach has sent a letter to his staff explaining the reasons for the sale and its consequences. Click on the extract below for an enlargement.
In simple terms, nothing changes. Go Coach boss, Austin Blackburn ...
...wants to cut down his 70 hour working weeks but will remain as Engineering Director of both companies.

Hmmm. There is a phrase for that!
Further notes in the letter suggest that some of Hulley's engineering will be done at Swanley. That's a round trip of 338 miles!

Seems a long way to drive to service a bus!

Incidentally, Go Coach occupies this depot ...
... and the 1930s building alongside gives as clue as to its heritage.
Spot the flagpole ...
... where once the LT roundel stood proudly. Yes, GoCoach occupies the former London Transport country bus depot at Swanley.
Whatever; a number of senior bus men have expressed their bewilderment at this take-over decision. Lets hope Alf Crofts, boss of Hulleys, hasn't over reached himself!

Was there ever a real Adam and Eve? Many Christians are happy to take the story literally whilst Bible "knockers" are quick to should the word "mythical". Actually, the word "myth" is not a euphemism for "untrue"; it merely states that an event cannot be placed firmly in history. In that sense Adam and Eve are mythical - there was no one there to take pictures!

But genetically there was a first woman (called Mitochondrial Eve). Every human being (homo sapiens) is descended from her. Likewise we are all descended from a"first male", although no one has yet proved that first genetic man lived at the same time as first genetic woman.

 D isobedient
 D ownfall

One thing is absolutely certain; Adam and Eve did not look like this:-
They probably looked more like this!
Whatever they looked like and whenever they lived was of no importance to the Bible writers.

What mattered to them was that


That simple, yet profound statement seems to apply almost universally to Mankind today. Every single one of us finds it easier to turn from God's Way rather than stick resolutely to Obedience.

Certainly that is the pattern of the Old Testament of the Bible. And it starts with an anguished failure for Adam and Eve.
But there is always a message of hope!

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  1. Wow that was unexpected (Hulley / GoCoach)