Monday 2 October 2023

Very Handy Andy : Fine And Dandy (1)

Or Is It?

Seems quite a big in-box?
Leaving aide the rather odd phrase "overland train services", we are encouraged that Mr Burnham wants to have a fully integrated transport system for Manchester. We may be slightly less encouraged that he wants to be as integrated as transport in London.
Maybe he has never used public transport in London?

So we begin this series of mini-blogs with two questions.

1. Who "owns" the Elizabeth Line line?

2, What is the fare from Paddington to Bond Street?

It is just one stop on the purple one, a journey of just THREE minutes..

It would appear that the Elizabeth Line line is part of National Rail because it appears on the National Rail journey planner. And, according to said web site, that journey will cost you £6.70 - repeat six pounds and seventy pence for one stop.

Of course, you could go all the way to Liverpool Street for your Zone 1 fare of £6.70.

But if you continued to Whitechapel, you would cross into Zone 2.
The grey shading bulges just enough to move you into the next zone.

But it appears that you can travel even further for your £6.70.

Even more exciting, you could go almost anywhere on the Underground for £6.70.

So here is the next integrated transport question for London.

3. What is the fare from London Bridge to Kings Cross? Will it, too, be £6.70?

4. And what if I travel by bus on London's integrated network.

These questions will be answered in tomorrow's blog!

Harvest Hymn Verse 3

WARNING : There are several versions of the words to verse 3. You will need to be guided by the pictures rather than relying on a hurriedly borrowed hymnbook!

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  1. £6.70 is the cash fare. However the cost using contactless to travel from Paddington to Bond Street is £2.80 peak or £2.70 off-peak. And there is a daily cap on your total spend. That is what Andy Burnham is aspiring to.